Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's JUNE, and you know what that means!

That's right! It's time for the ANNUAL BIRTHDAY CARD CONTEST!

Now, I don't want anyone to think I'm perfect at sending out stuff. HA! Our winner from LAST year is finally notified that I've sent her prize. ::::::::::::SIGH:::::::::: But I'll do better, I promise! THIS year, your prize(s) will come out of my stash! :D So I won't have a HUGE reason for not sending them. LOL!

Since I usually start this contest earlier, I'm giving you until the end of the month - JUNE 30!! - to get your cards to me.

There are TWO categories this year: popular vote and MY vote.

You may use whatever you wish to create your birthday card for me. HOWEVER, for My Vote, all Stampin' Up! counts more. :D

All cards must arrive at my house by June 30, 2011. If you need my address, please email me!

Anything goes! I can't wait to see what you create for me. :) On the 1st of July, I'll put up a gallery where you will vote on your favorite by leaving a message. I will announce the winner on July 11, giving you 10 days to vote!

Get creative - and INSPIRE ME!!!!!!!! Here it is, the beginning of June, and we've got less than 28 days until the new Idea Book goes LIVE! Give me something to start thinking how I can copy without being obvious. ROFL!!

Have a WONDERFUL day! And please, take the time to stamp something. I promise I will, too. :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Good morning, everyone! I'm HOPING I'm back - lots of reasons why things are still crazy, but you don't care. :D

Today is June 1, and that means LAST CHANCE LISTS for stamps, accessories, and Definitely Decorative Wall Decor!!!!!!!! BE SURE AND ORDER FROM MY BUSINESS SITE if you want accessories or DD - they're all first-come, first-served, and they FLY AWAY!!!!

Here you go!!!

Stampin' Up! discontinuing products