Monday, December 31, 2007


WOW. Where DID all that time go??
Actually, in retrospect, a LOT has happened in my life in the past 12 months. Personally, physically, spiritually, emotionally, "stampingly" - lots of changes, setbacks, and growth.
I look forward to 2008 with you, my dear friends. This is a thank-you card from Melissa, my dear friend and downline, but it says it ALL. I cherish each one of you! Thank you for being a part of my life in 2007; I can't wait to see what 2008 brings us!
Whatever you're doing to celebrate - or not celebrate :) - may you enjoy your time with friends and loved ones, be SAFE, be happy, and know that you are cherished.
God bless you, my friend. Auld Lang Syne!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Supplies are Stampin' Up!...

But the stamps sure aren't! :) This is a thank-you card for my stepdaughter and her husband; they gave this Pooh alphabet set to me for Christmas. :) I embossed all the letters with black EP, and just chose select things on each image to color in with Stampin' Write markers. They're big stamps - this card is 6" long! - but I couldn't NOT do this card! :)
I need to get some more thank-you notes done, but my room is full of furniture from the flooring going in, so it's hard to move around....
Starting January 1, I'm going to begin another blog, called "Musings of a Proverbs 31 Wannabe". I hope you'll check it out; I won't be posting lots and lots over there, but there are days I want to talk more than craft....:D
SO. Go stamp something, and then BLESS someone with it - or get started on next year's birthday cards, or gifts!~ :)

Friday, December 28, 2007

Another gift for my sister and BIL!

One more project to share with you; I guess this was the REAL winner. :) I'd had the idea for LAST Christmas, but needed some other people to stamp the letters for me! (In case you're wondering, these capital letters are RETIRING, and you only have until MONDAY to order them!!!!)
The background is So Swirly jumbo wheel in VersaMark and embossed with gold EP on Very Vanilla, and the letters are Not Quite Navy on Very Vanilla. The little "sign" is a piece of Hodgepodge Hardware, actually held ON with the brads from the hardware set, and it says, "est. 1999" - obviously, the year they got married.
My sister told me that her husband opened it, and it got passed to everyone ELSE before it got to her; there were exclamations, and wondering what it was made of. She told me she said, "I think it's STAMPED, but I don't know if I don't get to see it!" :D
I'm glad it is going to be enjoyed. I never know if things like this are going to be hits or misses - glad I "knocked it out of the park"! :D
What about you? What did you stamp this year for gifts? And what are you working on right NOW? Seriously! GO STAMP SOMETHING!!! :)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good morning!

Things are going to get interesting around here today; we're replacing our front door, and getting most of the rest of the carpet in the house taken out, Pergo going in. It's going to be noisy for about a week or two.

  1. Anyway. :) This is another project I did for my sister; I found these long note cards with envelopes at Goodwill, and altered them for her for Christmas. There are two of each design; from left to right, clockwise:

1. SPOT ON jumbo wheel in Night of Navy, "celebrate" from WONDERFUL WORDS in Green Galore and embossed.

2. SPOT ON jumbo wheel in Versamark and embossed in gold, "NOEL" from HEADLINE ALPHA in Versamark and embossed in black.

3. Striped designer paper from Holiday Mini; "Happy Everything" from HAPPY EVERYTHING in Always Artichoke, swirls from ELEGANT GREETINGS on Whisper White in Always Artichoke, punched out and matted on Always Artichoke punched squares.

4. Purely Pomegranate designer paper from Holiday Mini, Wintergreen designer paper, verse from ELEGANT GREETINGS in Purely Pomegranate, matted on Basic Black.

5. "Thank" from BIG DEAL ALPHA, "you" from HAPPY EVERYTHING - both in Purely Pomegranate - hearts and envelope from "GREETINGS GALORE" in Basic Gray, colored with aquapainters in Purely Pomegranate, background sponged with Basic Gray.

6. Envelopes all stamped with the beginning "N" from one of the verses in ELEGANT GREETINGS, because my sister's last name is NOEL. :)

And this is the tin that they all go into; I used a pencil eraser to make the polka dots with Timber Brown Stazon.

Kelli told me she's going to take the whole kit & caboodle to work and keep in her desk, for those unexpected card needs. :)

What have YOU been stamping lately???? Show me! :)

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Time to start showing you what I was so busy doing!

OK. So, you know I took December "off" from teaching classes, so I could spend time with my family and doing things I wanted? Well, I was so busy - and SICK - that MOST of the month just wasn't fun. I did get lots of crafting done, however. :D And since it was for gifts, I couldn't show you before.
Since the gifts are OPEN now, I can start showing you. :D These picture frames were for my sister and BIL's fur-babies, Trixie and Bailey. I saw these frames SOMEWHERE and grabbed them - I can't remember if it was a dollar store or a garage sale - because I KNEW I could alter them. They were just white. So I took my Timber Brown Stazon pad and a sponge and got to work, making Bailey's darker - since he's the BOY. :D I made the dog tags, and individualized them, too - Trixie's has glitter on hers! - and put them on with different stuff. Trixie's uses the gold cord that was in the Holiday Mini, and Bailey's is done with natural hemp. Aren't they fun??
What did YOU make for gifts???? Show me! :) And take the time to STAMP something today!! :) (I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!)

Monday, December 24, 2007

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you BELIEVE it's here already??? It's Christmas Eve!! For our family, this day is really just as fun as Christmas Day. The guys go out and get the perishables for tonight's cold buffet dinner, and Mom sleeps as long as she needs to (She works the graveyard shift as a CNA, in case y'all didn't know. :)) while I putter around the house, getting non-perishable cookie plates and other stuff assembled for tonight, finish wrapping, etc.

Once the guys return home with the groceries, they head back out to "people watch" at a mall, and pick up any last-minute things they feel they need. Later in the afternoon, the girls will put together the rest of the cold buffet, and we'll sit down in the early evening with loaded plates and talk about Christmas, family, plans, things we're grateful for, etc.

The next part of the evening is very special; my dad reads the Christmas story from Luke out of our big family Bible - while I sit there and lip the words. :D It's tradition - he always asks me if I'd just like to recite it. :D Then we'll talk about how incredible God's grace and mercy are, and how awesome our God is. Then, we'll open ONE present. :D

Tonight, we're going to go to the late candlelight service at my parents' church, since our church doesn't have one, so there will be some napping on SOMEONE'S part here this evening. :D Kenn and I also have a delivery to make to a dear couple from church, and Dad will deliver the neighbors' gift baskets - Mom's starting to bake the bread right now, and it smells SO good!!!

ANYWAY. All this to say, I'm never as content as I am when I'm at home, surrounded by the ones I love, with our traditions and our unconditional love for each other. One of the things I'll mention tonight is how grateful I am for YOU. THANK YOU for being a part of my life - even if you've never left me a comment, JUST by coming by to read about my life, you've become a part of it! So THANK YOU.

The card above is the card I would have sent out for Christmas this year, if I'd ended up with enough time to dedicate to it. :) Consider it my card to YOU, dear reader.

Merry Christmas! May you be surrounded by light and laughter, warmth, love and joy - and be reminded of what an incredible act of grace Jesus's birthday is. God bless you!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Come on over!

What do you say?? Give me a buzz tonight, and say, "I want some of that beautiful cake!" :D Kenn requested a pineapple upside-down cake, and here it is, fresh from the oven. I didn't get it centered on the plate, and tried to push it over - that's why you can see a huge crack up the left corner. OH, WELL. :D
I'd love to sit down and chat with each one of you, to enjoy the person YOU are, and to develop our friendship. If you get a chance to meet me in person (if you don't know me already!:D), I'd SO love to do that!!! If you're one of my dear friends/customers already, I'd love to spend some one-on-one time with you. Just drop me a line, and let's get it on the calendar! I want to spend 2008 enjoying more of life, instead of wondering where it went! :D
That's a GOAL for me. I don't do resolutions; there's nothing to say it's what I want to accomplish. So, what do you want to accomplish in 2008? Let's hear some ideas; there might be a prize in it for someone.... :)

Thank -you notes are already arriving!

Can you believe it?!??! Melissa, dear friend and downline, already sent me my thank-you note for her Christmas present - and SHE was getting ready to leave for her Christmas trip! AUGH! I'm so far behind, I'm just giving up and getting an early start for NEXT year. :D
Isn't this pretty? The white card stock is shimmery white, and it's showing through the Purely Pomegranate ink - SO pretty IRL! Melissa does incredible things with lots of layers and punches. Drool all you want; it's MY card! :D
Have a WONDERFUL day! Happy Christmas Eve Eve! :D

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another card from a friend!

This beautiful card is from my friend, Angela - one of the five of us who celebrated my birthday this year - and the one I went to Alabama with. :) I've had the great honor of growing closer to her this year; she is a very special, sweet, fiery woman with a wonderful husband and - well, how do you describe her daughter, Abby?? You've seen HER picture here on my blog quite frequently! She likes coming over here because "Mr. Kenn might want to take my picture". :D She told us at the open house that she'd given HIM all her hugs, and couldn't give me ANY. Just like a woman, don't you think?? :D
ANYWAY. Christopher, her husband, HELPED HER DESIGN AND DO HER CARDS, ladies!!!!! Be jealous!!!! :D They all came over and we talked through their order, how to do certain things, the design, etc. And I received one of their beautiful creations this week. :) THANK YOU, dear family!
They left today - as did many of my friends - to go be with family for Christmas. I'm praying for SAFE TRAVELS for everyone, and that your Christmas is filled with the wonder of God's grace!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's not long now!

Can you BELIEVE it's December 20???? Not long now until Christmas Eve and Day are here! At our house, Christmas Eve is ALMOST as big as Christmas Day. :) The guys go shopping for last-minute gifts and for the food for that night and the next day. Mom will sleep as much as she can, because she'll have worked the night before, and I'll deal with the food and our buffet layout as the men come home.

We have a lot of wonderful Christmas traditions, and I'm FINALLY at the point where I can enjoy myself. It's been a super-busy season, and I'm going to be slowing myself down next year. I just CAN'T do this again - I'm getting too old! LOL!!!

Doesn't mean I'm not stamping still, though! I can go ahead and show this to you, because I'm PRETTY sure our choir director's not a stamper. :D We're giving him and his family a Christmas/thank you "gift" on Sunday, and this is the card that will hold "it".

It's a Certainly Celery 6"x6" card, layered with Real Red and Wintergreen designer paper - I'm going to MISS that paper! The stamp is from HOLIDAYS & WISHES, and the Whisper White and smaller Real Red pieces are notched with the ticket corner punch, then popped off the bottom layers with Dimensionals. I think it's modern and masculine, just what I needed. :) What do you think of it?

Well, I'm off. I'm taking it really easy the next few days! :) It's not too late, though, if you're interested in a gift certificate or placing an order for the retiring stamp sets, just let me know! :) It's been a year for GC giving!

Don't forget to take the time to STAMP something in the next few days. :) Creativity will set you FREE! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! (I'll keep posting, but if you don't get a chance to read, know I'm wishing you a bright, loving, memory-filled Christmas season! GOD BLESS YOU!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm here....

One of my dearest friends, Melissa, emailed that she missed my blog posts. I'm sorry, gang - I'm just feeling really overwhelmed still! I've been busier than I EVER dreamed possible, and I'm feeling rather like a hampster on a treadmill at this point.
SO. :D Instead of not posting because I can't think of anything TO post, I'm going to post things I've received from OTHER people! This card came from Melissa herself! Isn't it pretty? The double-stitched ribbon is simply gorgeous - and I've always liked this stamp set. Thank you SO much, Melissa!!! I APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!!!!
HOPEFULLY, I'll get everything hanging over my head DONE today, and can be more like myself. :) We'll see!!!!
Until then, be SURE and take the time to STAMP something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

It has SO been one of those days...!

I just haven't been able to do anything RIGHT for anyone. I'm looking forward to our open house tomorrow, but I think I'm going to go to bed early tonight - so I'll not kill myself OR anyone tomorrow. :D

I wanted to show you what I was so busy with Thursday and Friday, so here you go....

These are sugar cookies. LOTS of them. :D I saw in a magazine a presentation done something like this, and knew I wanted to do this.

A customer who has become a dear friend of mine - hi, Kathy!!! :) - invited me to a cookie exchange luncheon today. These are just sugar cookie snowflakes, presented on Bashful Blue card stock - stamped in Night of Navy with "Warm Wishes" from HOLIDAYS & WISHES - and then slipped inside a transparent envelope. Pretty, huh? :D

Here's how I did up the swaps themselves; there were seven of us, so we got six dozen different cookies to take home - no one had to take their own back. :D

The card is a simple apron card - here's a close-up of it. If you want to see anything closer-up, just click on the picture, and you'll get a much BIGGER image. :D

So! I'll see some of you tomorrow, and I can't wait. Others, have a wonderful Sunday! Stay warm, stay happy with those who love you, and take the time to STAMP something - I'll be stamping after everyone leaves! :D

Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's not always the gift that counts! :)

OK, y'all know I've been incredibly busy lately - and here's some of what I've been doing. I love to bake/cook for other people, but sometimes things get too complicated - so I go back to the easy stuff, like coated pretzels and peppermint bark.
But it's not necessarily WHAT I give, as much as how it LOOKS. ;) Real Red card stock as a bag topper, retired Little Layers 2 ornament stamped in Brilliant Blue, retired DD Pines stamped in Garden Green, and CURRENT "Merry Christmas" from Holidays & Wishes stamped in Real Red, all on Whisper White. Notched the WW with the ticket corner punch, and voila! Easy, beautiful packaging that people will remember for at least an hour past when the contents are consumed. :D
What are YOU giving away this year???? I hope you've been taking the time to STAMP. I'll show you either tomorrow or Saturday what my BIG project is today.... :) Let's just say, I'm DEFINITELY stamping today!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hi, everyone!

How ARE you? Is it just me, or is this year even BUSIER than ever???? Wow, I can't believe how much I've packed into this month already!

This is Sage; isn't she beautiful? She's SUCH a sweet little girl; her mommy is a good friend of mine, and Sage is going to have a baby sister soon. :) They're a wonderful family - daddy Tim is a pretty great guy, too. :D I just wanted to take a break from browbeating you about stamping your gifts and cards, and remind you of the joy, delight, and wonder that are SUPPOSED to be a part of our lives during this season.

Merry Christmas, my dear readers. May you find a moment to BREATHE, and enjoy the wonder of God's gifts!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Keep doing your gifts! :D

Isn't this the cutest little basket??? It's not an original idea; I got it from Kimberley Morris, whose link is over in the link section to the right!
ANYWAY. Our scallop punch PERFECTLY fits a York peppermint patty; this basket holds two for shipping, three for a table favor. :) SUPER simple! You'll find the tutorial for the basket on Kimberley's site - both links in this text will take you there. :)
Since I don't do Halloween, I decided to use my favorite Cerise designer paper - alas, it was for sale too short a time!:D - and make a Christmas basket. It was going to be taught at a class, but the class didn't make. So my sample got shipped off to a lucky swap recipient! :)
OK, I'm off to do more baking and cooking for our Open House this Sunday; if you're local, please stop by any time from 4 - 7! If you need directions, please email me at!
Now, go take the time to STAMP something - I have to! LOL!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Retired Accessories List is HERE!

That's RIGHT - it's first-come, first served for EVERYTHING on this list. The Cerise and Wintergreen designer papers? OUTTA HERE. I'm so sad - but I cannot WAIT to see what else is coming up! There MIGHT be a few surprises in here for you, so pay close attention!

Item # Product Description
109198 Accents & Elements Borders & Blossoms
109199 Accents & Elements Little Reminders 2
109197 Accents & Elements Tagged
100700 Album Leather Post Black 8-1/2x11
105385 Album Linen Post Mellow Moss 8-1/2x11
104520 Album Linen Post Natural 8-1/2x11
104517 Album Linen Post Navy 8-1/2x11
105382 Album Linen Post Real Red 8-1/2x11
105392 Album Linen Ring Mellow Moss 8-1/2x11
104510 Album Linen Ring Natural 8-1/2x11
104513 Album Linen Ring Navy 8-1/2x11
105388 Album Linen Ring Real Red 8-1/2x11
105067 Boxes & Tags Pockets & Pieces Assortment I
105068 Boxes & Tags Pockets & Pieces Assortment II
108798 Boxes & Tags Tiny Takeout Confetti White
107246 Boxes & Tags Tiny Takeout Kraft
105747 Boxes Stamp & Supply Extra Large
105748 Boxes Stamp & Supply Extra Large Divided
105744 Boxes Stamp & Supply Extra Small
105749 Boxes Stamp & Supply Jumbo
105734 Boxes Stamp & Supply Large
105746 Boxes Stamp & Supply Medium
105745 Boxes Stamp & Supply Small
101052 Brayer Attachment Foam
107293 Cards & Envelopes Greeting Very Vanilla Medium
109149 Designer Series Paper Brocade Background
109161 Designer Series Paper Cerise
109162 Designer Series Paper Charbon
109155 Designer Series Paper Creepy Crawley
109152 Designer Series Paper Darling Doodles
109150 Designer Series Paper Dashing
108503 Designer Series Paper Petals & Paisleys
109156 Designer Series Paper Linen Prints
109147 Designer Series Paper Notations No. 2
109148 Designer Series Paper Outlaw
109158 Designer Series Paper Uptown
109157 Designer Series Paper Wintergreen
107285 Envelopes Open End Very Vanilla Large
107284 Envelopes Open End Whisper White Large
107296 Envelopes Shimmery White Medium
107287 Envelopes Square Vellum Large
107310 Envelopes Square Very Vanilla Mini
107294 Envelopes Vellum Medium
107290 Envelopes Very Vanilla Large
107291 Envelopes Whisper White Large
101016 Eyelet Tool Kit
105317 Eyelets Bold Brights II
105379 Eyelets Silver
105315 Eyelets Soft Subtles II
107282 Fancy Fibers Bella
107283 Fancy Fibers Elizabeth
103352 Stampin' Glitter Romantic Red
103349 Stampin' Glitter Silver Shine
106650 Greeting Glue
102620 Liquid Glue
103145 Page Protectors Post 8-1/2x11
104523 Page Protectors Ring 8-1/2x11
103598 Paper Vellum 12x12
105543 Pastel Refills Bold Brights
105544 Pastel Refills Earth Elements
105547 Pastel Refills Neutrals
105545 Pastel Refills Rich Regals
105546 Pastel Refills Soft Subtles
105962 Perfect Layers Tool
104184 Post Extenders
106522 Punch Spring Bouquet Flower
109722 Simply Scrappin' Creative License Hostess Level 1
109611 Simply Scrappin' Happy Me Hostess Level 3
109596 Simply Scrappin' Out & About
109626 Simply Scrappin' Primary Colors
109649 Simply Scrappin' Round Up
109635 Simply Scrappin' Secret Garden
109663 Simply Scrappin' Winter Bright
107415 Simply Sent Friendship Shapes
109230 Simply Sent Happy Day
105580 Spectrum Pad Blue Frost
101492 Spectrum Pad Celebration
105579 Spectrum Pad Cotton Candy
101336 Spectrum Pad Pumpkin Patch
100000 Spectrum Pad Un-inked
103953 Stamp-a-ma-jig Imaging Sheets Refill
104432 Stampin' Around Cartridge & Ink Refill Clear Embossing
101460 Stampin' Around Cartridge & Ink Refill Whisper White
102391 Stampin' Around Ink Refill Clear Embossing
103017 Stampin' Around Ink Refill Whisper White
103151 Stampin' Emboss Powder Hologram Highlights
105677 Stampin' Kids Pad Bear Brown
105676 Stampin' Kids Pad Beetle Black
105675 Stampin' Kids Pad Boxcar Blue
105674 Stampin' Kids Pad Gumball Green
105673 Stampin' Kids Pad Poppin' Purple
105672 Stampin' Kids Pad Princess Pink
105671 Stampin' Kids Pad Robin Red
105670 Stampin' Kids Pad Yahoo Yellow
103174 Stampin' Pastel Applicators
100852 Stampin' Pastel Erasers
100081 Stampin' Write Marker Going Gray
100945 StazOn Ink Refill Timber Brown
103088 StazOn Pad Timber Brown
107235 Tag Sheets Bold Brights
107239 Tag Sheets Confetti White & Kraft
107236 Tag Sheets Earth Elements
107240 Tag Sheets Kraft
107237 Tag Sheets Rich Regals
107238 Tag Sheets Soft Subtles
100894 Watercolor Brush Flat
101551 Watercolor Brush Medium
101331 Watercolor Brush Small
105395 Wire Works Metallic
105652 Wrapping Paper Whisper White
Stampin' Around wheels
100360 Acorns
109812 All about Birthdays*
109690 All about Christmas*
109812 All about Gratitude*
109676 Autumn Dots
104070 Bloomin'
107466 Bodacious*
105750 Bouquet*
107481 Butterflies & Blossoms
104065 Fishy
100267 Happy Jacks
107563 Ho Ho Ho
104312 Hot to Dot
104279 Leaf Prints
106062 Leaves Awash*
107479 Rough around the Edges*
101927 Snowman Fun
107465 Speckled*
105521 Spooky Skyline*
108979 Spotted*
107480 True Hearts
105033 Wings & Things

* Jumbo Stampin' Around wheels
SO. If there's anything here you want, EMAIL ME at ASAP!!! :D Go STAMP something!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A gift for ME!

Isn't it PRETTY???? I had told my friends that I could sure use a pair of new paper snips for Christmas, and Melissa walked into our Sunday school Christmas party here last night with this pretty gift in her hand!

She took a Crystal Light continer and covered it with Dashing designer paper, did the medallion on the front, and punched holes for the jumbo eyelets with her Crop-a-Dile. She used Real Red grosgrain ribbong for the handle. And besides my new snips, it's full of CHOCOLATE - she rolled labels with it LOOKS like the So Swirly jumbo wheel, and stuck them on Nuggets. There are also Kisses in here - and I haven't emptied it to see if anything different is on the bottom. :D
THANK YOU, MELISSA!!!! It's a WONDERFUL gift, and you KNOW I'll think of you every time I use it. It's sitting on my desk right now. You're such a WONDERFUL friend and downline!!!! :)
OK, YOUR turn to stamp a present for someone - then send me a scan, jpeg, or a copy. ;D TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

It's official!!

OK, so the graphic's pretty small. LOL! BUT it's official: Kenn and I are co-directing OUR TOWN for Encore Theatre Company! I'm really excited - but it's going to be a lot of work for us. :)
If you're in the Wilson County/mid-state part of Tennessee and are interested in trying out for the show, please email me! We'd love for you to try out, or to help with technical things! If you can push a broom or wield a paint brush, please contact me! :)
If you're not interested in helping, but would like to come see the show, we'll be running three weekends, starting the Thursday before Easter (that would make it March 20, 2008) and running through the first weekend in April. We'll be thinking about holding it over if we get enough interest, and possibly taking it to schools in the area.
OK. I'm off to host our Sunday school Christmas party here. :) Everything's clean, lights are on, Kenn's having to work :/, and I'm just waiting for the first knock on the door or the ring of the doorbell. :)
Have a wonderful evening! Take time to stamp something - I did, if you'll see the earlier post. :D

OK, I shouldn't be posting...

because I've got SO much to do today, but I HAD to share this. :D This is a gift that one of my customers - hi, Hillary! :D - ordered for her mom. As always, when it's a gift, I'll wrap - so I did. :) This is the Blizzard wrapping paper that was in the Holiday Mini, and the satin chocolate chip ribbon I was raving about yesterday - see how beautifully it lies and drapes??? I LOVE it!
ANYWAY. :D The gift tag is embossed in chocolate chip; the stamp is from PERFECT PRESENTATION, which is a current level 2 hostess set - only available to earn until the end of this month!! It's not too late to schedule your party!!! - and one I dearly love. I used the second type of wrapping paper in the set to punch the large tag out of, and inside stamped the "to...from" stamp from the same hostess set. I suspended the tag from the larger bow with gold cording, also from the Holiday Mini. (You should grab those things when they're available! They come in handy ALL the time, reader!!:D)
So, I'm off to empty the dishwasher - our Sunday school Christmas party is here tonight, and I have LOTS of stuff to do before then! :D So, I'm off! I've already taken the time today to STAMP something. Have you???? :D

Friday, December 7, 2007

SO, I've been absent for a while...

and now you can't get rid of me! :D Look what I did last night! I finally, FINALLY finished the craft room, and cleaned of my desk!!!!! :D It's SO nice to be finally organized. I really needed to be baking last night, but this was the LAST place downstairs that needed to be don. So, it's done. :D

Here's my desk! You can actually SEE it!

Even looking the other way, it looks GOOD.

So, I'm off to work on more cookies, and going to take in some of the lights out and about. :) Have a WONDERFUL evening!!!!!

Wow! This is beautiful ribbon!

So, Stampin' Up! has this special right now until the 15th of the month, or until supplies last, right? I decided to get some of the satin ribbon from the Holiday Mini; it was half price, and I can always use ribbon, right?
WOW, is it pretty! It's really thick, and the quality is OBVIOUS. You want to sit and stroke it! :D
I've been baking cookies today - but I've gotten a little ill, so I think I'm going to go lie down, and try again later this afternoon - too much to do to get sick!!!!! :D
If you want to take advantage of this great special from Stampin' Up!, please call me or email me today!!!!! Let's get your order in before things are gone - like the Tags For All stamp set, which is no longer available. :)
Have a wonderful day, dear reader. Take time to STAMP something!!! I will, I promise! :D

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Good morning!

Whew! Here it is Wednesday already! I had high hopes of getting SO much done this week.... LOL! The best-laid plans....! Oh, well. I did get the den finished with decorating, and cleaned well, and decorated and cleaned my corner of the hallway. So that's all good.
Today, I'm going out with my dear friend Amy and her son, George, just to spend some time with them - it's been far too long since we just did that.
I would like to ask those of you who pray to pray for my friend Jennifer and her family. Her father passed away Sunday - it seems rather sudden to me. He wasn't very old, and my heart aches for her. The memorial service is today at 2. God bless you, dear friend.
OK. So the above goodies were for a demonstrators-only swap I did. Those things can be nerve-wracking, let me tell you! It's hard not to think, "Will she think my stamping is amateur???" but she seemed to like this. :)
The tin is an altered CD tin, with a pocket inside and a notepad. It fits into *my* purse.... :) The pen tucks inside of it, and the clip can, too. They're all decorated with Chocolate Chip, Bashful Blue, and the Blizzard wrapping paper that was in the Holiday Mini. The little booklet is the lip balm holder that my email list received the instructions for. If you'd like to be on my list, just email me at! :)
Well, I'm going to run. I have sandwiches to make for the memorial service attendees, cookies to make for an exchange, and miles to go before I rest.... :D
Have a wonderful day, dear reader! Don't forget to take the time to STAMP something - I'm going to! :D

Monday, December 3, 2007

Happy December 3!

The more I do, the farther I get behind! :D Do you know that feeling???

How is your December going? It feels crisp and cool here today, such a pretty day! I've done some stamping, some running errands, some photography, some decorating - and the day's not over yet! :D I actually started this blog entry two hours ago. LOL!!!

This is a simple thank-you card I made for the wonderful women who helped me with the craft night last Friday night at our church. I needed something quick and simple, and this filled the requirements! :) It's Cerise designer paper, Very Vanilla card stock, Real Read card stock, Vanilla Craft Ink, clear EP, and the ticket corner punch. I did five of these in about 20 minutes, and there's no reason you couldn't do a whole bunch more in very little time!

OK, I'm off to get more done. :D I hope you're taking time to stamp something - I am!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Must-See Theatrical Production of the Year!!!!!

You will NOT want to miss this show, if you're in the middle TN area!!! Please come out and show your support for the arts - and see a fantastic show!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Season's Greetings

from Encore Theatre Company
Thanks for your Support

As a token of our appreciation to you for your support, tickets for the
Sunday December 9, 2007
performance of
The Lion In Winter
may be purchased for $12 each, the regular ETC member price. ETC members may purchase tickets for $10 each.

This is a 'must see' show - I know you won't want to miss it!

Can't make it on the 9th? No worries, purchase tickets on line or by phone at regular prices. Group rates are available too!
===============The Lion in Winter
December 7, 8, 14, 15, 2007 @ 7:30pm
December 9, 16, 2007 @ 2:30pm

14905-A Lebanon Road
(behind Tractor Supply Company)
Old Hickory TN

Make Reservations Today

All the best to you and your family. Thanks for supporting the Arts in Wilson County
Encore Theatre Company
Encore Theatre Company, Inc.
P. O. Box 929
Mt. Juliet TN 37121

A non-profit community theatre serving Wilson County and surrounding areas
Forward email

Saturday, December 1, 2007

DECEMBER FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think this card is very appropriate for today, since the Retired List came out this morning! Just thinking about the sets we're saying goodbye to, and looking forward to the new SPRING/ SUMMER Idea Book & Catalog is going to take up a lot of MY brain power today! LOL!
It's the first day of December!!! Only 24 days until Christmas! I'm still not done with decorating, which is HIGHLY unusual for me, not done everything for everyone yet, but I'm working on it. :) How are YOU doing with everything????
Just so you know, the ACCESSORIES retired list will be out on December 10. I'm really looking forward to the new accessories in the IB&C - that's always my favorite part. As you can see from my blog photos, there's a lot you can do with a few stamp sets and LOTS of accessories, etc. They're so much fun to play with! :) This card was from the November 10/10/10, Bashful Blue card stock with Whisper White and Certainly Celery, SUMMER BY THE SEA stamp set - which has been on the Dormant List - and various Stampin' Write markers. I LOVE THIS STAMP SET!! :)
Email me if you want to place an order at :) Have a WONDERFUL weekend, and PLEASE! take the time to STAMP something - save your sanity, not your stamps! :D

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Andrea received her blog candy! :)

This is the pretty card she sent me as a thank-you. Inside, she says:
"Thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies you sent out!! I have been using them already! Have a wonderful day!"
Thanks for the great thank-you card, Andrea. Everyone, pay special attention to the "faux eyelets" Andrea did at the center of each scallop! The paper is pierced, and then a white gel pen was used to do a circle around it. Really nice effect, Andrea - and I love all the little touches on the image, too. :)
Now, on to my last post. I really appreciate the thoughtful comments that have been left; everyone's been very respectful of each other, and stated how they feel. Thank you for showing me that I can, indeed, have thoughtful discussions on the topic without being beat up! :D
Jan had this to say: "....I stopped celebrating Christmas back in the mid 90's becasue the whole shop til you drop or go bankrupt is not what it is about. I am not religious. ANd I think we as Americans are a bunch of idiots to play this shopping game. Its about more than that-but no one cares anymore." Well, I don't think we can quite say NO one cares - because obviously you and I do, Jan. :) I really don't do the purchasing thing, either. For me, it's about being with family, celebrating the incarnation of my Savior on an arbitrarily-chosen day, enjoying the ability to give to others without them wondering what I want in return. :D I enjoy sitting in my home, listening to the music of Christmas, looking at the lights, talking to loved ones, watching my favorite movies and laughing with friends and family. I appreciate your comments, Jan; the commercial aspect of Christmas is definitely NOT what I think of when I think of Christmas. I wonder what would happen if more of us DID NOT shop so hard during December? (Of course, I used to own a retail establishment; us small stores really DID count this as the time to save up for the next year. It's sad that Walmart can turn a profit 365 days a year, but our neighbors are going bankrupt. But that's a whole other discussion!:D)
"Anonymous" left this one: "....With the whole PC thing, I agree with you! The funny thing is, I don't think, for example, Christians care that something says Happy Hannukah or Jewish people care about something saying Merry Christmas. It's usually zealot/have-nothing-to-do people who like to stir the pot and create controversy when there isn't any..." I so heartily agree with you - but I'm afraid I see more conspiracy than you do! The more we allow this sort of stuff to happen, the less freedom the MAJORITY of us have. Again, another discussion! :D And honestly, I'm one of the least political people I know! LOL!
I appreciated EVERYONE'S comments! Thank you for your insight, and honestly taking a moment to think about what you were replying. More comments are always welcome; I appreciate thinkers! :D
OK. I'm off to work on some more gifts - I'll have lots of photos to post after Christmas, but I obviously can't do it before people open them! :D So, go take the time to STAMP something - I am!!!!! (And I'm wearing the glitter and ink to prove it....:D)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


OK. For the past couple of years, I've been rather tired of how PC the retailers, especially, have become concerning CHRISTMAS. I've been waiting for maybe a backlash to happen? If we could even start a DISCUSSION, I'd love to talk to you about the whole thing! If you truly want to know what I believe, this video does an incredible job of explaining it - if you celebrate Chanukah, or Kwanzai, or anything else, that's fine with me. :) I celebrate CHRISTMAS! I just wanted to get some talking going: tell me what YOU think! Leave me a comment!

Only TWO more days until the Retired List comes out!

Good morning! How are you this beautiful day? Here, it's beautifully sunny; the trees that still have leaves are glowing gloriously, and it's supposed to be in the mid-sixties today. Dumb weather for almost-December, but I'm headed out to do some purchasing for a church event today - and I'd much rather not get wet and chilled! :)

My vacation started early; the class for tomorrow cancelled, so I've been busy working on gifts, and wrapping. I have this event I'm in charge of on Friday night, and then it's ALL about family, friends, and the Reason for the Season. :)

I wanted to share this super-simple card with you, in case you're giving homemade goodies this year. It's a pocket card, so you can put the recipe of whatever you're giving in the pocket! We just folded the card stock in half, then folded down however far we desired, and cut off the flap. We made the major cuts for the armholes with the 1-3/8" circle punch, and trimmed until we were happy with our apron shape. :) Next, we stamped the bottom part with the dots from POLKA DOTS & PAISLEY, in Brocade Blue, and stamped the "from the kitchen of" from LABELICIOUS - this stamp fit on the white flap we cut off, so no waste! We then trimmed it down to mat onto the Brocade Blue piece, and adhered it to the front. The "trim" across the front is a piece of 5/8" Brocade Blue grossgrain ribbon, as is the "neck strap". We wrapped the ribbon around the front piece of the card, then adhered everything down. Voila!

As a gift to you, I'm going to give you my grandmother's recipe for banana bread. It is the simplest bread, but EVERYONE loves it. The trick is to add an extra banana when you have them - it's VERY moist. Here you go! Let me know what you think if you try it! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! :)

Grandma Rhoda's Banana Bread
1/4 cup margarine
1 cup sugar
1 large egg
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 1/2 cups flour
3 large banana
Cream butter and sugar well; add egg. Add bananas, then rest of ingredients. Bake in slow oven (300 degrees) for approximately 1 hour.
From Inez Rhoda

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sorry I've been kind of MIA!

I've got a cold that's been kicking my butt - besides all the other fun things going on in my life right now. :D I'm BUSY - which isn't a BAD thing. :D
This card is from the "WHAT ON EARTH IS CRYSTAL EFFECTS" class we did last night. The icicles are, anyway. :D We did the icicles, which are SUPER-SIMPLE, and everyone took their icicles home to put on their cards today.
To make the icicles, we put wax paper down on our grid paper, so we had straight lines to work with. Using Crystal Effects, we pulled a straight line across the wax paper - you can do it as long as you wish, but I told the attendees that you want at least 4" for this project. Then, you just start putting in the hanging icicles wherever you want them. When you've got as many icicles as you wish, just sprinkle Dazzling Diamonds glitter on them - and let them BE for a while. I let mine dry overnight, to be safe - I have a horrible time of leaving fingerprints in my CE projects because I try to do something with them before they're dry. :D
Then we took Not Quite Navy card stock and stamped the tiny dots all over in VersaMark. We added Heat & Stick powder to that, and heated JUST until transparent. More glitter, then heated again to set the powder. (The inside is the "let it snow let it snow let it snow" stamp from PERFECT PRESENTATION, a level 2 hostess stamp set. WRONG!!! It's from GLAD TIDINGS!!!!) Then we put the house together: a rectangle of Very Vanilla, run through the crimper, is out house with siding. A triangle of kraft card stock is the roof. My card has some liquid applique on it as a snow line. You could also sponge some white craft ink on the roof and emboss with white embossing powder, and it would look like snow, too.
I hope you're having a wonderful week!!!! Stay warm, and TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!!!! ;) 'Tis the season! ONLY THREE MORE DAYS UNTIL THE RETIRED LIST COMES OUT!!!!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Don't forget!

Sherrill's eBay auction for the great scrapbooking pages ends today! Be sure and check it out if you're interested in some great ideas from another Stampin' Up!® demonstrator!


Would you like to have the written instructions for these projects?
If your answer is YES, I have two options for you!
!. You may purchase the instructions only, no pictures, for either one or both of these projects. Once you've learned them, the possibilities are endless! Price for these are $2.50 each or both for $4.
2. You may purchase the instructions with detailed, step-by-step pictures. Price for these is $5 each or both for $8.
You may paypal to, or email me at for other payment options. Be one of the first five to purchase, and I'll include some designer paper for you to use!
Keep tuned in for more offers!

Cardmaker's Bill of Rights

This is floating around the web right now, and I wanted to post it here! So, read, believe, and take PRIDE in your stamping! :)

A Cardmaker delivers the most welcome kind of unannounced visitor: A handmade card. A card touches us - somehow, a small folded piece of paper can comfort, celebrate, reach out or just say hello. Creating a handmade card is an honorable and important task. As a Cardmaker, you are entitled (but not limited) to the following rights:

You have the right to take as long as you want to complete one handmade card. This may be five minutes or two weeks.

You have the right to send a card for no other reason than to show off your new stamp, embellishment or technique.

You have the right to create a fabulous card for your husband, partner or roommate - just because you know it will stay in your house.

You have the right to spread your cardmaking things out all over, just to admire them.

You have the right to purchase a certain cardmaking item for no other reason than because

a) you like it;

b) you think it's cute;

c) you'll never find it again, or

d) you know you'll use it someday.

You have the right to reserve using your most precious supplies on cards only for recipients who will truly appreciate them.

You have the right to a workspace of your own. This may be the basement, your college student's old bedroom or the kitchen table.

You have the right to make cards when inspiration strikes - whether the dishes are done or not.

You have the right to request peaceful, kid-free, stress-less cardmaking time - guilt-free.

You have the right to let the handmade card be the gift, too.

You have the right to value your personal style. You are creating a treasure - and part of that treasure is you.

Now, go take the time to STAMP something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a TREASURE!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Floating card

Hi, everyone! Didn't want to just leave you with an advertisement today, so here's an unusual card! :)
This is a floating card, and one we did at my Advanced Techniques class on Tuesday. It's made on acetate, and that'sTHE SNOWFLAKE SPOT stamp set; the white is Shimmering White, the blue is Bashful Blue, and the gold cord and the stamp set, HOLY TRIPTYCH, are in the Holiday Mini, which runs out THIS MONTH! I love this cord, because it's stretchy. We colored the angel's wing with gold metallic ink and a blender pen.
Have a wonderful day!! Take the time to STAMP something - I am!!!!!!!! :)

GREAT special from Stampin' Up!

Go HERE to download the flyer! It's worth your time, believe me! Go on! :D

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving, dear readers. Know that I am grateful for you - for your friendship and support!!!! Enjoy your family today; enjoy the WHOLE day. Count each moment as a blessing, and it will be!
I will be counting YOU among my blessings!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Just wanted to share a couple more projects. :)

I know I've already posted the tag post today, but I have been a little slack in being able to share with you lately. If you've been coming to my classes, you understand WHY! :D But for you, my readers, here are a couple of things we've done in the past month. Nothing earth-shattering, just some simple ideas!

This card is from the Christmas card 10/10/10 at the beginning of the month. It's the So Swirly jumbo wheel on So Saffron, with Elegant Eggplant for the saying and with the magi stamped on it. The saying is from STAR-STUDDED SEASON, and the image is from HOLY TRIPTYCH. Those are both in the Holiday Mini, which is only good until the end of this month!!!! We embossed the image in gold embossing powder, then colored with Stampin' Pastels. The edges of the Elegant Eggplant are sponged with gold ink, too.

This card is from the November 10/10/10. Hey! Look! It's the So Swirly jumbo wheel again! :D I really like this for a background; it adds a lot of texture and elegance, with just a touch of whimsy. Again, a super-simple card; the corners of the Always Artichoke and Very Vanilla card stock are punched with the ticket corner punch (LOVE THAT PUNCH!!!), and the SINCERE SALUTATIONS saying is stamped in Always Artichoke Classic Ink. The card itself is Mellow Moss, and we rolled with Mellow Moss in the jumbo ink cartridge. I LOVE this color combination!!!

One more sample for you today - I have to save something for the rest of the month! :D

This is a 6x6 double-page layout from November's class. I REALLY like this color combination!!!! It's Cameo Coral and Very Vanilla. The only other color is the stem of the flower, which is Certainly Celery. Notice the ticket corner punch again? :D We did cheat and use a new pencil eraser for the polka dots. I love the size it is, and I don't have anything close to that in a stamp! :)
So, that's it for this post. I hope I've inspired you to go STAMP something! I WILL be posting tomorrow. :) Have a WONDERFUL day, dear friends, and take time to be GRATEFUL - for big things AND little!!!!

Eek! I've been tagged!

My friend and customer, Ginny, writer of A Crafter's Chronology, tagged me for the eight things you didn't know about me meme. When tagged you must list the person who tagged you and post the rules. At the end of the post you must tag and link to 8 other people.
1. I'm a Christmas fanatic.
2. My favorite colors are red and purple.
3. I was born in Pennsylvania.
4. My alma mater is the University of Texas, El Paso.
5. I was Leadership Development Co-Coordinator on-campus for three years - some of the best times of my life.
7. The number one reason I continue being a demonstrator with Stampin' Up!® is because I LOVE showing people how easy it really is to create beautiful cards and gifts for others.
8. If I could live anywhere in my known world, it would be the central Oregon coast.
OK. Not sure how many people I'll be able to tag, but here goes!
-- Ann with
I don't have time to tag anyone else right now, but if you want to tag yourself, GO FOR IT!! :D

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Busy week for you?

I'm feeling like I'm on vacation! LOL!! I have tonight's class, then one next Monday and one next Thursday, and I'm done teaching for the year! I LOVE what I do, but a break will be nice. Of course, I'll still be blogging - I love to hear your comments on what I show you! :)
I've been kind of amused at how many people are unsubbing from my blog feed because the contest is over. :) So THAT is what I'm supposed to do! :D
Andrea, if you're reading, I sent your package out today. It went the slow way, but have fun when you get it - and please let us know you received it!
Now, then. This card is one from the November 10/10/10. It's Blue Bayou (an IN COLOR choice), embossed with the paisley from POLKA DOTS & PAISLEY - the saying's from that one, too - in white ink and embossing powder. Then, we stamped the saying with Pretty in Pink on Whisper White, and distressed the edges with the distressing tool on the Cutter Kit keychain. Inside, we stamped the big "happy" from the set, and used the "everything" stamp from HAPPY EVERYTHING. It's a CUTE card, and reminds me of denim. :) Everyone seemed to enjoy the color combination!
I'm off - things to do, places to go, etc, etc. :D Have a WONDERFUL day, dear friends and readers!!! Don't forget to take the time to STAMP something!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

We have a winner!!!!

Today is THE BIG DAY!!!! Are you ready???? I know there are a LOT of you who will be disappointed that you didn't win this great blog candy, but keep watching! I still have a challenge going on, too - send me either a scan or pic of your SPLIT NEGATIVE card, and we'll have a contest! I have TWO entries so far. Who else? If you don't enter, I'm going to seed it with MY CARDS so I have a chance of not having to give anything away! :D

SO. Do you want to know who won? :D Here you go.

The lucky winner is...

ANDREA HAYS!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations, Andrea. :) I'm just waiting for her snail mail address to get it off to her. :) Be sure and tell me how disappointed you are - leaving me a comment, not hate mail, please. ROFL!!!
Thank you, dear readers. You sure do make giving things away fun!!! NOW, then, go make time to STAMP something - I am! :D

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Too pooped to pop!

WOW, what a week it's been! ONE more day to get through before I can SLEEP IN! LOL!!!!
This card is one from the 10/10/10 earlier in the month. It uses the Holiday Harmony designer paper - in the Holiday Mini, ONLY GOOD UNTIL NOVEMBER 30!!!! - with Always Artichoke cardstock and vanilla taffeta ribbon. SIMPLE and BEAUTIFUL, isn't it? :D
Do you remember me telling you that Stampin' Up!®'s Angel Policy was changing? Well, as of November 15, you can sell your hand-stamped items in permanent retail locations AND online, as long as you have the copyright stamped on them! A friend and fellow demonstrator, Sherrill, has taken advantage of this - and you're going to LOVE what she's doing. Go HERE to check it out - it's a great look, and worth investing in! You'll learn a lot, and have some great scrapbook pages!
OK, I'm off - I've still got a MESS here, and I'm wiped OUT. But I'm STILL going to make time to STAMP something - are you???? :D

Thursday, November 15, 2007

More scrapbooking! :)

PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an absolutely SLAMMED week it's been, and it's not gonna slow down for a few more days!!!! This week has proven to me that I LOVE what I do, or I would have quite two days ago. :D We had a WONDERFUL time today at the last 10/10/10 of the year. As soon as I can get back to some regular schedule, I'll scan and share. I don't think there was a clunker in the group of designs! LOL!

ANYWAY. This is another layout from the 6x6 scrapbook class Tuesday - SUPER, SUPER SIMPLE. Our punches are WONDERFUL sizes for this size page!!! The background paper is Chocolate Chip card stock, color blocked with some of the Evergreen Designer Paper - which is on sale this month!!! :) EASY, and I really like the look of this page!

OK. Off to finish some more things for a business fair in the morning - and if you're in the Nashville area, please think about coming to the Mt. Juliet Sr. Citizens Craft Fair at Mt. Juliet High School on Mt. Juliet Road, Saturday from 9 - 3. I'll be in Booth #2 in the cafeteria! :) Come say hello! (Of course, buying something is always welcome, too....:D)

Good night, dear reader. Thank you for tagging along on this CRAZY ride I call LIFE. :D Now, go take the time to STAMP something - I am!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How about some scrapbooking?

Yesterday was 2007's LAST 6x6 scrapbooking class, and what fun we had! This is one of the simplest designs from yesterday, but I like to think it's rather classic. :)
That's Really Rust for the background paper, wheeled with the Leaves Awash jumbo roller in Basic Brown. The mats are brushed gold on the bottom, kraft on top, and the beautiful oval frame (and the brads holding it in place) is from the Hodgepodge Hardware set. Simple, quick, and elegant!
I'm in the middle of getting ready for the year's last 10/10/10 tomorrow, and a business fair on Friday, and a craft fair on Saturday - so I'll be hitting quick posts at you the rest of the week. :)
YOU, on the other hand, should DEFINITELY make the time to STAMP something - I will be! :D

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well, well, well!

It's true! Women DO have a serious sweet tooth! :D
Thanks for turning out in such large numbers to enter for the blog candy. The counter doesn't know what to do with itself - it keeps rolling over. :) Of course, I know it will slow down again soon, but I'm grateful for the hundreds of hits I've gotten in the last two days!
Please keep coming to visit me! I promise I'll be as loquacious as possible soon. I'm also going to be offering instructions and kits for some projects, so stay tuned!!!
This card was one of the Christmas 10/10/10 cards we did earlier this month. Good ol' Frosty; I kind of expect him to be saying goodbye when the Retired List comes out in 18 days. The tag is from the Level 2 hostess-only set, PERFECT PRESENTATIONS - if you want IT, you ONLY have until Dec. 29 to earn it by hostessing a $330+ party, dear reader! CONTACT ME TODAY!
Anyway. Colors are Brocade Blue, Whisper White, and Rose Red. I know it's an unusual color combination for Frosty, but I like it. :)
I STILL only have two entries for the challenge, readers! I hope you'll play!!!!!
And I'm still selling our calendars - I pick up the first printing tomorrow. C'mon, you can think of someone who would LOVE it, can't you!? Email me at if you have questions!
OK, I have to run! I have a new customer/friend coming to meet me in real life, and I don't want her to have to wait on me. :D Go ahead, enter the contest and challenge and buy a calendar - but TAKE THE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING, TOO!!! :D