Saturday, December 22, 2007

Another card from a friend!

This beautiful card is from my friend, Angela - one of the five of us who celebrated my birthday this year - and the one I went to Alabama with. :) I've had the great honor of growing closer to her this year; she is a very special, sweet, fiery woman with a wonderful husband and - well, how do you describe her daughter, Abby?? You've seen HER picture here on my blog quite frequently! She likes coming over here because "Mr. Kenn might want to take my picture". :D She told us at the open house that she'd given HIM all her hugs, and couldn't give me ANY. Just like a woman, don't you think?? :D
ANYWAY. Christopher, her husband, HELPED HER DESIGN AND DO HER CARDS, ladies!!!!! Be jealous!!!! :D They all came over and we talked through their order, how to do certain things, the design, etc. And I received one of their beautiful creations this week. :) THANK YOU, dear family!
They left today - as did many of my friends - to go be with family for Christmas. I'm praying for SAFE TRAVELS for everyone, and that your Christmas is filled with the wonder of God's grace!