Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Time to start showing you what I was so busy doing!

OK. So, you know I took December "off" from teaching classes, so I could spend time with my family and doing things I wanted? Well, I was so busy - and SICK - that MOST of the month just wasn't fun. I did get lots of crafting done, however. :D And since it was for gifts, I couldn't show you before.
Since the gifts are OPEN now, I can start showing you. :D These picture frames were for my sister and BIL's fur-babies, Trixie and Bailey. I saw these frames SOMEWHERE and grabbed them - I can't remember if it was a dollar store or a garage sale - because I KNEW I could alter them. They were just white. So I took my Timber Brown Stazon pad and a sponge and got to work, making Bailey's darker - since he's the BOY. :D I made the dog tags, and individualized them, too - Trixie's has glitter on hers! - and put them on with different stuff. Trixie's uses the gold cord that was in the Holiday Mini, and Bailey's is done with natural hemp. Aren't they fun??
What did YOU make for gifts???? Show me! :) And take the time to STAMP something today!! :) (I hope you had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!!)