Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm here....

One of my dearest friends, Melissa, emailed that she missed my blog posts. I'm sorry, gang - I'm just feeling really overwhelmed still! I've been busier than I EVER dreamed possible, and I'm feeling rather like a hampster on a treadmill at this point.
SO. :D Instead of not posting because I can't think of anything TO post, I'm going to post things I've received from OTHER people! This card came from Melissa herself! Isn't it pretty? The double-stitched ribbon is simply gorgeous - and I've always liked this stamp set. Thank you SO much, Melissa!!! I APPRECIATE YOU!!!!!!!!
HOPEFULLY, I'll get everything hanging over my head DONE today, and can be more like myself. :) We'll see!!!!
Until then, be SURE and take the time to STAMP something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!