Friday, September 28, 2007

Excitement is building!

WOW, so much going on around here!!!!!! First of all, if you try to get ahold of me this weekend, it may be VERY difficult! If you call my cell phone, Ken will have it - he can contact me if it's an emergency, but I'm out of town until later on Sunday.

OK. That part's out of the way. :D I'm sending out the HOSTESS APPRECIATION LUNCHEON INVITATIONS today!!!!!! I cannot WAIT to get the chance to thank you ladies once again. If you don't receive your invitation by the end of next week, and you think you should have received one, please email me at! I don't want you to miss out! And don't forget: there's still time to get YOUR party in before October 27, if you want to come to the luncheon. It's one of the perks of being my hostess, and I think it's worth it! :D

The card above was made for me by my Tennessee Stampers Secret Sister. Isn't it pretty? Oval punches, faux stitching, and gingham ribbon are the perfect touches for this pretty So Saffron card. She's a very talented stamper, and I can't wait to thank her for all the beautiful cards she's sent me!
OK, I have a few more things to do before Becky P. picks me up! Have a WONDERFUL weekend, dear readers!!!!! Don't forget you have until MONDAY, OCTOBER 1 to enter the drawing for one of Greg McDougal's CDs!!! Just leave a comment on my blog - and look at Sept. 24's posting for more details. :)
TAKE THE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING! I'll be sharing my projects with you next week from this weekend. :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

On the fly!

Hi, everyone!!!! I'm going on a stamping retreat this weekend with the Tennessee Stampers group - thanks to Becky P. - so I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off!!!!
Speaking of chickens....:) This two-page 6x6 layout was from this month's class. We had a lot of fun doing this one - although it's a little unorthodox for most people! :D We used Earth Elements Stampin' Spots to do the background. The turkey is almost all made of punches - except for the wattle (is that right? No time to look it up!!!) and the beak - and the only other stamping is the "Happy Thanksgiving" in the corner. The base is Very Vanilla, and the photo matting is Close to Cocoa.
I'll try to post one more time in the morning before I take off!! If I don't, have a WONDERFUL weekend, keep entering for Greg's CD, and TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING - and share it with someone else.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back to stamping!

WOW, what a ride. Over FIVE HUNDRED hits on my blog in 48 hours! I doubt I'll see THAT again - but I do hope some of you found me during that madness, and will continue to visit. :)
Don't forget: Until October 1, you can enter to win a free CD from Greg McDougal - see post from Sept. 24 for details!!!!
But back to stamping, which is why this blog's here in the first place. :)
These flower pins I made from my Pretties Kit. Aren't they awesome?? I followed this tutorial from Laurie Ann Woo - she's incredibly talented!!!!! - to make them for hostess gifts for September. Every once in a while, I get inspired. :D
ANYWAY. The Pretties Kit is SO fun to play with! If you don't own one yet, CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION!!!!!!!!!!! :) You'll have so much fun discovering everything YOU can do!
TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!! I've got to get ready for a retreat this weekend. I'm leaving Friday morning, and haven't packed a THING yet. AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keep 'em coming!!

What an INCREDIBLE show, y'all!

You've visited this blog in numbers I never would have believed! Some of you have told me that you don't want to be entered in the drawing - that you're going to PURCHASE a CD to bless the McDougal family. You have been a TRUE blessing, and I can't tell you how much it means.

PLEASE KEEP IT COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm passing along pertinent comments to Greg - and we're all being abundantly blessed by knowing more people are praying, more people are thinking, more people are rejoicing in the love this family has for each other and for God. PLEASE continue to share his story with friends, family, ANYONE you can think of!

God bless you, dear reader!!!! I just wanted to show you another view of the family today. Keep leaving those comments - you have until OCTOBER 1 to leave one and get entered to win one of FIVE FREE CDs from Greg McDougal - read September 24's post for more details!

Did you think I would forget?!??!?! :D TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2007


Hi, everyone! Last night, we helped get Greg McDougal a venue at our church to have a concert. It was a small turnout, but I believe he touched most of the hearts of those there. Greg's been a family friend for four years now, and he continues to touch our lives - as well as the lives of people around us!
Greg was on the verge of going all-out in a country music career eight years ago, when God told him to walk away. Since then, he's been faithfully working to support his family as a carpenter. But God has told him to take up his guitar again, to raise money to help his family - and families of other special needs kids - to get what they need to take care of these needs at home. And God's blessing! Greg is nominated this year by the Christian Country Music Association for Best Album of the Year, and Best New Artist!
And now, you have a chance to win one of Greg's CDs. :) I've talked to him, and we'll give away FIVE of his CDs, "The Work of a Carpenter". If you'd like to learn more about him, and about his cause, please go check out his website here. You'll be blessed by his music, and touched by his ministry. The cause? Well, this picture is Greg with his four kids. Three of them - Jeffrey (the oldest), Sean, and Gracey (the youngest), have been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. May I just tell you, they steal the show when they sing with Greg? :D Katie is a most precocious 5-year-old, and Greg and his wife, Diane, do a wonderful job of making sure she gets special attention, too.
They are a wonderful family, and I believe you'll LOVE the CD. SO, leave a comment here on my blog by OCTOBER 1, and we'll draw 5 names to win! :) Be sure to leave me a way to contact you - email, link to your blog, something! :)
GOOD LUCK! Oh, and be SURE to take the time to STAMP SOMETHING!!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A quickie today! :)

Good morning!!! It's going to be a busy weekend, so I'm going to post quickly and hit they road. :) I hope you have a lot of fun things planned today!!!

Anyway. A new friend and customer - hi, Kasey! - emailed me this week and asked what circle punch went with the scallop punch the best. GOSH, that's a hard question for me to answer!!!! :D

So, I'll let YOU choose. I did this scan for her, and thought I'd share it with you. Decide for yourself, and if you want to leave a comment for me to pass on to her as to what YOUR favorite circle punch is, I'll do it! As you can see, the Very Vanilla circles are marked with the dimension of the punch that I used.

SO. What would YOU tell her???

Have a wonderful weekend, dear reader!!!!!!! Don't forget to take the time to STAMP something!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

How much fun!

My friend Rachel has one of these maps on her website today, and I thought it was SO fun - I've often thought about doing something like a map where I've visited, but never have before! :) So here one is. If you'd like to sponsor me getting to visit the states I haven't yet, please contact me at ROFL!!!!!

create your own personalized map of the USA
or write about it on the open travel guide

Have a great day!!! TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING - then start a fundraiser to send me to Hawaii! :D (I'm crackin' myself up, here....)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wow, what a week it's been! :)

And I'm TIRED! If anyone stops by tomorrow, be prepared for me to still be in my PJs. Phew! I haven't had any takers on backers for my vacation, either.... :D

ANYWAY. This is a card that we're going to do at my Advanced Techniques class next Tuesday. Deadline to sign up is FRIDAY, so contact me ASAP!

You can't really tell from this view, but this is a suspension card. VERY cool technique, and you'll have people OOHing and AAHing over it, I promise! :D

Does anyone have anything fun to share with me??? I need SOMEthing. :D Not sure what, but I know I need it. ROFL!!

OK, it's late, I'm punchy - get it???? Punch-y?? Like the front of the card??? :D - and I still have a Bible study to do. Have a WONDERFUL Thursday, dear ones, and remember! TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is it vacation time yet? :D

I don't know why, but I'm dragging these days. Ugh! I could use another three weeks on the beach. :D Anyone want to sponsor me? LOL!
ANYWAY. This card is one of three we made at a party on Saturday. I LOVE this wheel; it's the Watercolor Vine jumbo wheel, done in Mellow Moss on Very Vanilla. Sometimes I'll use just those two colors, but I added some Bravo Burgundy, and I think I've found one of my new Christmas color combinations! Isn't it pretty? And every single piece of card stock is notched with the ticket corner punch. :D LOVE that little thing!
Local readers, if you haven't been receiving my email newsletter, please let me know if you'd like to! Just email me at, and I'll put you on the list. I've got classes galore for the next two months, and I KNOW you'll be sorry if you miss a couple of them, for SURE! I like to think the newsletter is worth your time reading! :)
OK, time to jet. LOTS to do today! Don't forget - make the time, TAKE the time, to STAMP something!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Monday, September 17, 2007


Hi, everyone! Yesterday was the day they presented "Angell" with the layouts we sent her. Today's post is from the coordinator of the project, Tammey - I'm going to let her words tell you how it all went.....
Angell was surprised, amazed and soooo moved. We had the layouts, a small cake that said Amazing Angels on it, and some snack food there. Angell arrived early (yikes! lol) so we weren't as prepared as we had hoped to be. When she came in she was looking for a place to set her stuff, but ladies... we had taken ALL of the tables!!! Jess got the camera ready and was photographer for today.
I looked Angell in the eyes and told her how much all of us loved her and how special she was to everyone one of us. I then swept my arm wide and said, all of these layouts are hugs from all over and they are all for you. Her mouth dropped open and she just stared. I told her that our group was so concerned for her health and we really wanted to help her. I said that we had mentioned to a few friends that we had a very dear friend in need and the world responded and that with the layouts comes hundreds of prayers. I let her know that not only was her little scrapbooking group behind her, but that we were ALL behind her. She cried and laughed and cried some more. She was confused and thrilled. All of this she squeeked... all of this is for me?
She is the one that gives. She takes care of everyone else. She is very independent and very caring and puts everyone else first. Oh ladies, I wish you could have been there as she sat down and paged through every single layout!!! She touched each one and was moved by every single one. Angell loved every layout and was moved by each one. She found beauty in every single one. She sorted through them and we helped her put the groups into boxes. That one is all boys... oh she can't wait to do them! That box was for the girls. Her youngest got her very first barbie and there was a Barbie layout just perfect for those birthday photos! There were very, very special layouts for her to journal to her children. She cried and hugged those to her chest. She is going to do them first. She was so moved at the thoughtfulness of those specially worded layouts for her to journal her love to her children, her hopes and dreams, and her favorite things about them.
She was so touched that someone clear from Puerto Rico had thought she was important enough to send layouts to, and such beautiful ones. She touched the acrylic album with awe and wonder. None of use had ever seen one before, and here was one in her hands just for her. I sit here typing this with tears of joy and sadness running down my cheeks. She marveled at the Stampin Up layouts, several had stamps she had been in love with for a while. She laughed at the little girl layouts that said rough and tumble and forget the sugar and spice lol Her daughter is a little tomboy and she couldn't wait to use them for her photos. She cried at the Christmas layouts and whispered to me... I'll be able to do their Christmas photos now and just grinned with tears in her eyes.
She said it was like all of you knew her and knew just what to send! Layout after layout she named the exact right photos for that page!! She marveled at the sports pages, zoo pages, and birthday pages!! She was thrilled with the family pages! She was also able to put aside more than enough beautiful layouts perfect for a BOM album and she told all of us that she just knew she would be able to get that done now!
I want all of you to know that all of the layouts went to Angell, but some of the blessing went to me too. I was just a messenger, but to watch her go through those layouts and to know the love behind them, that was an amazing experience for me. Angell lovingly packed them up and we hauled them out to her car. She could not wait to get home and get started. She hugged us all and then hugged us again. As we stood outside after loading everything in, Angell was talking to me and Jess and she absolutely radiated joy. Her laugh was full and so carefree. I haven't seen her like that in more than a year. It was beautiful.
She thanks each and every one of you from the bottom of her heart and so do Jess and I and the rest of the group. Thank you so much for your time, talent, supplies, prayers and love sent to our Angell. Jess will be the one uploading photographs, but I'm sure she will get to it as soon as she can. We piled up the boxes and got a great picture of them and an awesome photo of Angell and our group.
What a miracle I experienced today.
Thank you and God bless,Tammey Brown
Ladies, you NEVER KNOW when one of your cards or projects will make the difference in someone's life. I hope you'll take the time to STAMP SOMETHING today and then don't just let it sit around - RAK someone! Even if it's someone you don't know well at all - you will never know how much that one moment of kindness may touch his/her life.
HUGS to you all, dear readers! THANK YOU for blessing ME with your friendship!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

It feels like FALL today!!!!!

I LOVE FALL!!!!!!!! Today it felt like it. Tuesday, back to summer - they're predicting it's going to be 88 degrees. But I'm SO enjoying this temperature. It was a GLORIOUS day - it's 68 right now. :D I'm a happy camper!

ANYWAY. I promised some pics of the letters we did on Thursday. Here are two pictures; unfortunately, several walked out of the house before lazy-bones (that would be ME) got out her camera. The ones to the left were the more "classic" design, very clean and taylored. They were OOHed and AAAHed over quite a bit. :D The ones below, however, were also lots of fun and are going to delight the recipients very much, too! We added classic re-inkers to a mixture of Lumiere and craft paint, then embellished with the Pretties Kit, brads, ribbon, glitter - about anything "bling"-ish I could find. :D I picked the letters up at a local craft store - be careful to price them, because there's a HUGE difference in pricing between stores!
I hope you're enjoying YOUR weekend! Whether you're enjoying time with your family, maybe shopping (lucky!), or travelling, may you be blessed - and recognize your blessings!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Good Friday Morning!! :)

How are YOU today?? I hope you've had a great week, and have FUN plans for this weekend!!! :) I have a workshop in the morning, and I cannot WAIT for you to see the samples from it - but I can't post them yet. Oh, no! I want them to be THRILLED and AMAZED when they get to make them tomorrow morning! :D
I DO have photos from last night to share, but Ken has my memory card reader (Can we ALL say, "MEN!!!"?? :D), so that will have to wait until another day. We had a great time - and there were some really pretty letters that left here last night!
ANYWAY. This card is from my TN Stampers Secret Sister. Isn't it beautiful?? Let's see. She used the Polka Dot & Paisley stamp set, and I'm going to have to guess at the colors! :D Looks like Lovely Lilac, Perfect Plum, Handsome Hunter, Mellow Moss, and Very Vanilla. Don't forget that wonderful ticket corner punch - what a FANTASTIC punch! Most of my "faithfuls" know my story about this punch; I purchased one, thinking I might use it every now and again. I actually had to purchase ANOTHER one, because half the cards I design use it, and I needed another for our classes! LOL!!!!!
Well, I'm off - lots to do, and tonight is our monthly craft night at church, so I need to get organized. Have a WONDERFUL day, dear reader!!!! And remember: TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007


OK, readers, I NEED to hear from you!!!! There's a discussion going on on one of my email groups; they're saying that blogs are full of "fiddle-faddle" that they just don't care about! PLEASE TELL ME: do I fill my blog with fiddle-faddle????????
This is another challenge item, but it's not a card! It's a 6x6 scrapbook page, done by Amy. When all I could see is a piece of card stock that wasn't going to work for my project, Amy saw a background for a scrapbook page! :) It's fun, isn't it?!? It's done with the All About Christmas Jumbo Stampin' Around Wheel, Real Red and Whisper White. SUPER-SIMPLE!
Tonight's private workshop is doing letters with the Pretties Kit - like the one I posted on this blog about six weeks ago. I've got thirteen letters sitting on my table with a base coat on them! :) I hope everyone has fun tonight....
OK, that's it for me - I have to go clean up to give everyone a place to sit. :) Do let me know about the fiddle-faddle part, though, OK? I want YOUR opinion!!!!!!
Oh, yeah. :D TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Challenge Card!

This is another card from Rachel. :) I supplied her with the pumpkin image from Carved & Candlelit, and she took it from there. Isn't it a fun card????
I really didn't feel like posting today, so this is the easy way out. :D I'm stamping a lot these days, but a lot of it is for a Secret Sister swap on Tenness Stampers, so I can't show it off until AFTER the swap is over, obviously. Even if she doesn't look at my blog, she MIGHT stumble across it somehow! :D So, 'll be sharing challenge cards for a little bit.
Off to the races! :D Hope YOU are accomplishing something today - SOMEONE needs to! LOL!!! Oh, and don't forget take the time to STAMP something!!! :)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today is September 11. I was all set to do a fun Christmas card for you, but I stopped. I don't want to forget what happened, or be one who enables someone else to! :) If you'd like to read my thoughts on 9/11 and why it's important to remember, please email me at, and I'll forward you a devotional I wrote on the subject.
ANYWAY. This is a simple card to commemorate today. It's done with Close as a Memory stamp set, and the numbers are from a retired set. :) I used plastic wrap to do the background, and that's a Not Quite Navy brad - just like the ink and card stock, and the Ruby Red ink and card stock are what I used, too. Sometimes simple is best. :) And this is REALLY close to a SIP card - I could have just torn off that corner and sponged the tear with ink, if I wanted to make it SIP only. :D
I hope you're having a wonderful day, dear friends and readers! Take time to hug someone you love today - and to STAMP something!!! (You didn't think I'd forget THAT, did you???? :D)

Monday, September 10, 2007


AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've spent the afternoon at the mercy of Stampin' Up!'s website's carzy whims, and I'm just TIRED of it! :D This was SUPPOSED to go on my gallery site, but I've had trouble getting it to go up - even at a TINY size. SO, you don't have to go looking to find it. I still have room for nine more projects over there, but I can't get anything more to post. SO, I'm stopping for now. There are new things, but only a page and a half of gallery to see. AUGH!!!!!!!!
ANYWAY. This card was from August's 10/10/10 class. We used the Bud Basics set, the HAPPY is from Polka Dots & Paisley, and the BIRTHDAY is from Happy Everything. I had a request for a teenager's birthday card, and this is what I came up with. The colors - Lovely Lilac, Only Orange, Pink Passion, and Green Galore - happened to be the teen's favorite colors. :D We also used the ticket corner punch, and I really liked this design!
OK. I'm gonna go de-stress about my gallery, and stamp. What about you?? Be sure to take time to STAMP something today!! :D

Hope you had a GREAT weekend!!! :)

Did you accomplish a lot this weekend??? I was busy busy yesterday! And it RAINED!!!! Everything that actually SURVIVED the drought is looking a bit perkier, that's for sure!!!! :D
This is another card from the Let's Get Punchy! class. We used Designer Series Paper - this one's made from Rose Red - and the large tag punch. We just folded them up and back, stuck them in place, and put a rhinestone brad through the middle to finish it up! :) The card base is So Saffron, with a layer of Certainly Celery. The lighter top layer is Glossy White that we sponged with Certainly Celery. :) Easy!
Well, dear friends, it's time for me to get busy. :D Have a WONDERFUL day, and remember: TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Another Card From Our Punch Class!

It's still amazing to me how MUCH people like this card!!!! Just grab your 1-1/4" and 1-3/8" square punches; the smaller one gets done in your background paper - which for THIS card is from the Confetti Simply Scrappin' Kit - and the larger punch is the matting card stock. This one uses Old Olive for that. The card itself is Summer Sun card stock. We used an Old Olive Stampin' Write marker to ink the stamp, which is from WONDERFUL WORDS. The button is from Fresh Favorites II, and is a Rose Red button. FAST, super-simple, and easy!!!
I'm going to be redoing my Stampin' Up!'s website gallery this evening, ladies, so if there's anything there you want to CASE, please make sure you do so before it's GONE! :D
Have a wonderful day, dear friends and readers! Enjoy your weekend - and take time to STAMP something!!!!! :)

Friday, September 7, 2007

Fun Times Last Night! :)

Last night was my Let's Get Punchy! class. This is one of the five designs we did; isn't it adorable (if I do say so myself??)? :D The wings are large oval punches from Cerise Designer Series Paper, The head and "behind" are 3/4" circle punches. The embossed tiny dots on the Real Red card stock are done with the Crop-A-Dile, as well as the holes punched for the eyelets - and those set, as well. As for the ribbon - well, I just LOVE our gingham ribbon. It FEELS so nice!! :D And it added just that special something, don't you think?

Today is my and Ken's eleventh anniversary. Ken's been really sweet this week, and I'm waiting for him to bring me breakfast now. :D He had a meeting with someone this morning, so he's bringing me a breakfast burrito from Sonic - and a diet cherry limeade. I had my first one last night - wow! It's really great! Try one if you get a chance! It definitely has a "diet aftertaste", so if you CAN drink all that sugar, you might want to get a REAL one. :D Ooooh, he just called - he's done with his meeting, and is picking up my breakfast. :D YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OK, I'd better wrap this up. LOL!

Have a wonderful day, dear friends - and those of you who haven't become my friends yet. :) May your day be filled with laughter and love - and take time to STAMP something!!! :)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Time for another CHALLENGE card!

Again, from Becky P. Isn't it cute? The image is from GREETINGS GALORE, and isn't it cute??? The flower isn't from Stampin' Up!, but you could certainly dye one of the Pretties Kit flowers with Green Galore ink. If you haven't seen the Pretties Kit yet, or haven't looked closely at it either in your Idea Book & Catalog or the online link to the IB&C, take a look. It's SO much fun - I LOVE my Pretties! :D
Simple, easy card! Thanks, Becky!
Today is the 10/10/10 class. It's all about punches - and I can't wait. :) What are YOU doing today? It's probably NOT coming to my class, but please! Take time to STAMP something! :D

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Did someone say SIP???

I promised you more from this weekend. :D So, here you go. It's ALL paper, ink, and stamps! And I did it in three colors, so you could see the difference. :) This one is Whisper White, stamped with Bashfult Blue, then stamped with Brilliant Blue for the "Priceless". The butterfly was also stamped with Brilliant Blue and then cut out. The wings and antennae are bent slightly, and the body is the only thing glued down - so, when the scanner cover's not crushing it, there's some dimension. :D

This one, on the left, is done the EXACT same way, using Almost Amethyst and Lovely Lilac.

And this final one, on the right, is done exactly the same, with Certainly Celery and Glorious Green. Ang brought three ink pads - Almost Amethyst, Bashful Blue, and Certainly Celery - and her Bold Bright Stampin' Write markers.
So, what do you think??? Of course, I can see where some GLITTER (Hi, Amy!) would come in beautifully on the butterfly's wings, if you wanted to amp it up JUST a little bit. :D But I PROMISED myself to try SIPping a little bit! :D
There. You got THREE samples, to make up for yesterday. :D Is that good?
Time for me to hit the hay - it's been a LONG day today! I hope you have a WONDERFUL Thursday - and take the time to what??? That's RIGHT! :D STAMP SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I lied...!

This is our "motley crew" from the weekend. :D In order, left to right: Ang, Kasey, Cris, and ME! :) This was the morning we left - of course, we were lamenting the fact that we didn't do this on SUNDAY, when we were all dolled up for church! This is us in TRAVEL HOME mode. It was a long trip home! :)
We stamped, we sat by the lake, we ate - and what a COOK Oma is!!! - we slept, we talked (SOME more than others....ROFL!!!!), we laughed, we shared concerns.... It was a relaxing weekend!
OK, sharing stamped cards TOMORROW. I promise. :D

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

We did stamp a little this weekend!

Ang was nice enough to let me borrow some of the supplies she brought with her, so I'll show you this one today, and probably another one tomorrow. Stampin' Up! is encouraging us to show you SIP is the way to go - stamps, ink, and paper. I love to add a bit of ribbon here, a punch there, a button somewhere else - but this is pretty much a SIP card. The colors are Whisper White, Certainly Celery, and Pink Passion card stock, Certainly Celery and Pink Passion ink, and PRICELESS stamp set. I like the swirls, and they're Ang's favorite thing right now. :D
Take the challenge! Do a SIP card, and send me your scan or the real thing, and I'll put it up here on my blog! You'll be famous! :D
I'll be updating my Stampin' Up! website gallery soon; it's always a chore, and I've got some things to do this week - like get ready for a class on Thursday! :) I need to STAMP, people!! :D And Friday is our eleventh anniversary. Imagine that! And people said it wouldn't last, because we met online. :) If you don't know our story, you can go here and read all about us. :D
So I'm off to try and catch up with myself! :D Have a WONDERFUL day, dear friends. I so appreciate you!!! Don't forget! TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING - then share it. :D

Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm home!

PHEW! What a weekend! I met some very nice people this weekend - Thanks, Oma & Opa! :) It was a restful, relaxing weekend - except for the long drive. :D Thanks for driving, Angela!
ANYWAY. When I got home, there was a LOT waiting on me, and my packet of challenge envelope cards from Rachel was in the mail from Saturday! This card is one of them - and you can see another on her blog above. I LOVE this roller, and I love what she did with the various layers of color. THANK YOU, Rachel!
So, tomorrow it's back to reality. Errands to run are piling up quickly, as Ken and I try to regroup from the long weekend. What did you do this weekend? Are the kids all back in school now? Are you back into your routine??? Have you been STAMPING? :D If you've got time this Thursday, come do my 10/10/10 class - I'll let you tell me through tomorrow. :)
Regardless of whether you can come or not, be sure and take time to stamp SOMEthing today! :)