Monday, September 17, 2007


Hi, everyone! Yesterday was the day they presented "Angell" with the layouts we sent her. Today's post is from the coordinator of the project, Tammey - I'm going to let her words tell you how it all went.....
Angell was surprised, amazed and soooo moved. We had the layouts, a small cake that said Amazing Angels on it, and some snack food there. Angell arrived early (yikes! lol) so we weren't as prepared as we had hoped to be. When she came in she was looking for a place to set her stuff, but ladies... we had taken ALL of the tables!!! Jess got the camera ready and was photographer for today.
I looked Angell in the eyes and told her how much all of us loved her and how special she was to everyone one of us. I then swept my arm wide and said, all of these layouts are hugs from all over and they are all for you. Her mouth dropped open and she just stared. I told her that our group was so concerned for her health and we really wanted to help her. I said that we had mentioned to a few friends that we had a very dear friend in need and the world responded and that with the layouts comes hundreds of prayers. I let her know that not only was her little scrapbooking group behind her, but that we were ALL behind her. She cried and laughed and cried some more. She was confused and thrilled. All of this she squeeked... all of this is for me?
She is the one that gives. She takes care of everyone else. She is very independent and very caring and puts everyone else first. Oh ladies, I wish you could have been there as she sat down and paged through every single layout!!! She touched each one and was moved by every single one. Angell loved every layout and was moved by each one. She found beauty in every single one. She sorted through them and we helped her put the groups into boxes. That one is all boys... oh she can't wait to do them! That box was for the girls. Her youngest got her very first barbie and there was a Barbie layout just perfect for those birthday photos! There were very, very special layouts for her to journal to her children. She cried and hugged those to her chest. She is going to do them first. She was so moved at the thoughtfulness of those specially worded layouts for her to journal her love to her children, her hopes and dreams, and her favorite things about them.
She was so touched that someone clear from Puerto Rico had thought she was important enough to send layouts to, and such beautiful ones. She touched the acrylic album with awe and wonder. None of use had ever seen one before, and here was one in her hands just for her. I sit here typing this with tears of joy and sadness running down my cheeks. She marveled at the Stampin Up layouts, several had stamps she had been in love with for a while. She laughed at the little girl layouts that said rough and tumble and forget the sugar and spice lol Her daughter is a little tomboy and she couldn't wait to use them for her photos. She cried at the Christmas layouts and whispered to me... I'll be able to do their Christmas photos now and just grinned with tears in her eyes.
She said it was like all of you knew her and knew just what to send! Layout after layout she named the exact right photos for that page!! She marveled at the sports pages, zoo pages, and birthday pages!! She was thrilled with the family pages! She was also able to put aside more than enough beautiful layouts perfect for a BOM album and she told all of us that she just knew she would be able to get that done now!
I want all of you to know that all of the layouts went to Angell, but some of the blessing went to me too. I was just a messenger, but to watch her go through those layouts and to know the love behind them, that was an amazing experience for me. Angell lovingly packed them up and we hauled them out to her car. She could not wait to get home and get started. She hugged us all and then hugged us again. As we stood outside after loading everything in, Angell was talking to me and Jess and she absolutely radiated joy. Her laugh was full and so carefree. I haven't seen her like that in more than a year. It was beautiful.
She thanks each and every one of you from the bottom of her heart and so do Jess and I and the rest of the group. Thank you so much for your time, talent, supplies, prayers and love sent to our Angell. Jess will be the one uploading photographs, but I'm sure she will get to it as soon as she can. We piled up the boxes and got a great picture of them and an awesome photo of Angell and our group.
What a miracle I experienced today.
Thank you and God bless,Tammey Brown
Ladies, you NEVER KNOW when one of your cards or projects will make the difference in someone's life. I hope you'll take the time to STAMP SOMETHING today and then don't just let it sit around - RAK someone! Even if it's someone you don't know well at all - you will never know how much that one moment of kindness may touch his/her life.
HUGS to you all, dear readers! THANK YOU for blessing ME with your friendship!