Monday, September 3, 2007

I'm home!

PHEW! What a weekend! I met some very nice people this weekend - Thanks, Oma & Opa! :) It was a restful, relaxing weekend - except for the long drive. :D Thanks for driving, Angela!
ANYWAY. When I got home, there was a LOT waiting on me, and my packet of challenge envelope cards from Rachel was in the mail from Saturday! This card is one of them - and you can see another on her blog above. I LOVE this roller, and I love what she did with the various layers of color. THANK YOU, Rachel!
So, tomorrow it's back to reality. Errands to run are piling up quickly, as Ken and I try to regroup from the long weekend. What did you do this weekend? Are the kids all back in school now? Are you back into your routine??? Have you been STAMPING? :D If you've got time this Thursday, come do my 10/10/10 class - I'll let you tell me through tomorrow. :)
Regardless of whether you can come or not, be sure and take time to stamp SOMEthing today! :)

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