Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Congratulations to ME - and that means a chance to WIN for you!!! :D

Hi, y'all! :) If you're not local, you probably thought I dropped off the face of the earth. Sorry. Health, time, and yadda yadda. :D

So! Since I last posted, I celebrated my 15th anniversary with Stampin' Up! Yea, me!

But that's not what the congratulations is all about - last month, I passed a milestone with Stampin' Up! - one that has some benefit with it: I have lifetime sales of over $100,000.

Yes, a lot of it has come out of my own pocket - I keep buying new toys, even if I'm not inspired at the moment. :D But I also really love our products, and I love bundling products to save money. So I get them, and I look at them, and I share them, and tine I finally try them out. :D

ANYWAY. I'm sure that's not why you are reading this post. I'm SURE you want to know where the winning part comes in... :)

I didn't reach that sales goal by myself. YOU have helped me reach it. And I am SO blessed - if you've ever stamped with me, attempted to stamp with me :D, or purchase from me to stamp on your own - to have you in my life. Even if only virtually.

SO. Here's the winning part:

I AM GIVING AWAY TWO (2) $25 GIFT CERTIFICATES and a grand prize $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the rules:
1. You enter by leaving a comment on THIS post. It has to make sense.
2. You may enter DAILY from now until MIDNIGHT CST on 10/25/2016. Each comment MUST be different.
3. You may place an order through my business site (CLICK HERE to go!) for an extra FIVE entries for every $50 in merchandise you purchase.
4. You may schedule a party/place a party order (Sorry, November hostess, you don't get this benefit) between now and MIDNIGHT CST on 10/25/2016 for an extra 20 entries.
5. I will use a random generator online to choose our three winners.
6. I will also be giving my dedicated customers and hostesses bonus entries without their having to do anything, as long as they've ordered/hosted in the past year. THIS IS AT MY DISCRETION!!!!

So! Anyone is welcome to order; share if you wish! I hope to have a new card or something to share soon - but we're about to go on a trip. :) That's why you get TWO weeks to enter!

Thank you for being faithful, and for sticking around! :)

Have a WONDERFUL day! Make sure to mate the time to stamp SOMEthing!