Monday, August 11, 2008

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Idea Book & Catalog goes LIVE today! Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!?!??!

After 1 pm Mountain Time, you can start browsing through it on my website - CLICK HERE to go! (You'll have to click on the "products" link and the "catalog: link under that - because they're getting ready to go live, I can't link you all the way, just to my page!)

I hope that you're coming to my New Idea Book & Catalog Open House this evening, if at ALL possible. LOTS to see and do and tell you - and I'm working on getting the newsletter out tomorrow, too. If you aren't on my emailing list and would LIKE to be, please drop me an email at and let me know! :)

OK, I need to jet - miles to go before everyone gets here. :) I'll be posting a pic of the Inspiration Station this evening, too - it's not QUITE full, but I did almost all the samples myself, and just ran out of time!!!! :D I hope you're taking the time to stamp something - at least to kill some time until you can browse through the new IB&C!! :D