Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Phew, I've been BUSY!!!!!

See the new slideshow over on the right??? I'm going to do these once a month, to show you the cards and 3D items people gift me. :) If you want to be seen, send me something! :D

IF you aren't there, it means the something you gave me didn't make it to my basket. I promise to do better on being organized! :D

This guy is a gift certificate holder! :D I made him, super-simple, to hold a donation Kenn and I are giving from our HPP business for Encore Theatre Company's fundraiser. It's always a Halloween-themed "ball", so I went with the flow. :)
OK, I'm gonna run - still doing bunches and bunches of stuff!!! Have a WONDERFUL week - and make the time to stamp something. You're gonna fall over when you see all I've been doing!! :D