Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gallery Filling With Amy!

Good Wednesday Morning!

See? I said I'd be here, and here I am. :) Two in a row again! WOO, HOOO!!! :D

Some of you may not know that my friend, Amy, helps me out yearly by making cards (and, when I give her time to think, other things, too! :D ) to fill up my Stampin' Spot. We have decidedly different tastes and takes on everything, and I think it's great to get her creativity on display. :D Well, this year I didn't give her much time - she came over the day of my open house to stamp with me. :D She did cards, and I did cards, and we collaborated on cards - and honestly, the two collaborations turned out to be some of my faves of the day. :D

This one is ALL Amy. :)

Isn't it cute?? She did a great job, and brought her embossing folders - because I hate hounds tooth. :D But I love it on this card!!

Don't forget - you can click on any photo to see it in the size I uploaded it as.

If you have questions, please ask. If you want to know colors, I'll go look it up. :D As well as all the other important information. LOL

Have a wonderful day! Be sure and STAMP something - and let me know you're out there!!!

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