Monday, June 18, 2007

Ho, hummmmmm....

GOSH, I feel like doing NOTHING!!!! I don't know if it's because I REALLY don't want to work on the show from the 23rd - July 1, or after-birthday blues, or just plain ol' laziness. Have I told y'all that I HATE being hot? I sure do miss those ocean breezes!!!!!

So, since I knew I wanted to show you SOMETHING, and not just whine :D, I came up with this little 3x3 card; the stamped image is embossed, and the polka dots are a pencil eraser. I don't have a dot that's the size I wanted, and this one works perfectly. :) If I have an occasion in the future to hand out business boosters, these are probably something I'll do for that - and I can put a piece of candy or something inside, and my business card. :) What do you think?

News flash: Stampin' Up! let us know today that there are quality issues with the CLEAR DETAIL EP, so they've discontinued it already. It's NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Hmmmmmmm. I sure hope SOMETHING will be taking its place - I use it ALL the time!!!!! Like on THIS card!!!

Just two more days until the retired accessories list comes out! I can't WAIT - it means we're one more step closer to the new Idea Book & Catalog coming out!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get YOUR IB&C preordered today!!!!! Don't forget my Open House on July 2 from 6:30 - 9!!!!!!!!

Gonna go do nothin' again. :D Hope you're having a much more productive week than I am!

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