Monday, June 11, 2007

We had SO much fun yesterday!!!

I took control of my birthday somewhat this year; I decided I wanted to celebrate with some girlfriends, too - so I said, "Let's all get a pedicure, go to dinner, then go swimming!" So, my friends Angela, Cris, Melissa, and Amy and I all went to get pedicures at the Walmart in Lebanon. It was a great experience - they even stayed open late to get us all in. The chairs were massage chairs, and the pedicures were spa pedicures, so everyone was so relaxed! :) Dinner didn't work out exactly as I'd hoped, but it was good - and the girls took care of my dinner costs. :) I got great presents, too. :D Forty still doesn't sound like an age I want to be, but it's what I turn tomorrow, so I guess getting presents helps ease the pain a LITTLE. :D
After dinner, Melissa had to go home - she's the only one of us who has an outside-the-house job, and her family had just gotten back from a trip, so she was pretty wiped out. The rest of us piled into Amy's van and went to her in-laws (who are out of town currently) and went swimming. I LOVE TO SWIM AT NIGHT! It was a BEAUTIFUL night, and we had a wonderful time. After we'd been in the water for about two hours, we went inside and just talked for another hour or so. I got home right at midnight, and it was one of the best times I've had in a VERY long time. Thank you, girls!!!!
Another girlfriend told me yesterday morning that they're PREGNANT! Congrats, Joni and Ryan!!!! :) (Seems like EVERYONE in our choir is pregnant - except yours truly....:D)
Today is a stampin' class; I had two cancellations, so I've got extra card stock again. If anyone local reads this and wants to come stamp, please do! :D
Don't forget that TOMORROW is your LAST DAY to get your birthday card contest entry in to me! Look at previous posts, or email me at to get more info. I'd LOVE to have a few more entries, y'all!
Gotta jet - have to make a Tunnel of Fudge cake for my customers tonight, and write thank-you notes for my gifts. :) Have a wonderful day!