Monday, December 6, 2010

Help Us Help Others!

Nashville Flood 2010: Beauty from Ashes
We really want to help a family who's in dire need this Christmas. Alas, we're not blessed with an overabundance of financial aid - but we DO have one thing: photos.
We have TWO of this Limited Edition (numbers 4 and 5) flood print available.

Here are are the particulars:
Size: 18"x24"
Metallic Paper Print
Regular price: $150
While they last, price only $50! (Please add $10 if we will need to ship to you!)
The whole fee will be given to this family! It's your opportunity to get a GREAT gift for someone (or yourself! :D), and bless us so we can bless someone else!

IF the two prints are gone before you get back to us, or if you'd like some additional choices, we also have the following available at

For a limited time only, so please act quickly!

All photos available as an Electronic Download directly from us - $15.00 (you print)
Electronic Download plus add a favorite Bible verse or quote - $20.00 (you print)

Thank you for helping us bless others. We desire to be His hands and feet in this world!

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