Monday, June 4, 2012

Not too exciting....

but it's still a share! :D

I had these watermelon slices done up before I decided what to do with them. They're remakes, so they actually use current colors. :) This is Cherry Cobbler and Gumball Green; this time, though, I also did *just* the Cherry Cobbler with the Melon Embossing Powder, so it's a scratch-n-sniff! It's pretty and glossy, too, and I wanted to make it a star.

The next time, I'll do a little more with the background, but this is a FAST card. I did the lettering with MY DIGITAL STUDIO. And that was IT. Super simple!

I'm still recovering from getting ready for the Open House Friday. :) Wednesday, I'll post the card we made as a sample, done twice - you'll see what I mean. :D

Have a WONDERFUL day! And be SURE to take the time to STAMP something!

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Anonymous said...

Love it!!! Mary N.