Monday, November 19, 2012

Hostess Appreciation Luncheon 2012

Happy Monday! WHEW, what a weekend! I have lots to show you; if you're here from Life's Little Pleasures, WELCOME! In case you're HERE, wondering why they'd be coming from my review blog, you'll see in a moment. :D

Today, I'm going to show you the invitation and things we did for the Hostess Appreciation Luncheon. This year has been pretty quiet, business-wise; with our photo business going so much, and travel, I've depended largely on my hostess club for business. Some of you have ordered, too - THANK YOU! And then there are the people who had catalog parties - THANK YOU,  TOO!!! :D I couldn't do this without everyone who is involved somehow. And I love what I do! :D

So. This picture is the table set for lunch. There's LOTS of room, if you would like to join us next year! :D

And this is the invitation they received, telling them the details for this year's luncheon.

And this....

is MY place setting at the table!

(Napkins are from Hobby Lobby, if anyone's wondering! :D )

The menu will unfold over at my review blog, as listed above, during this week - and perhaps the next, partially. :D But today's post is my review of the table favor's recipe. If you want it, just go HERE!

Meanwhile, here's a photo of my table favor. Kenn got to eat it during Saturday night's Oregon game.... :D

Let's see. You know, I'm not going to post the projects we did. We didn't ink a stamp,  but they were great. One was to help manage their supplies, and one was a 3D gift-type thing. I think they were both well-received.

Here are my wonderful girls. THANK YOU, LADIES!!!

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