Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Christmas Stamp Camp, Take 1

Tomorrow is THANKSGIVING. And I want you to know: I'm so thankful for you! :) Thank you for finding me, for sticking around even when I'm not here, and for the encouragement you give me. I definitely count YOU in my blessings!

So. This was one of the projects we did at the Christmas stamp camp last week; we did four total projects, and you'll get to see them. I'll give you websites, too. We had a wonderful time, and part of the true value in taking these classes is so I can help with working out directions, etc. Some of these aren't so easy to figure out.... :D

Here's the link to this one. It's a really cool, no-cutting bag. Seriously. NO CUTTING. It's pretty awesome. :D

OK, I'm outta here - baking for tomorrow AND the open house. I hope your Thanksgiving is time spent with family or friends, that you're warm, safe, and fed, and that you know you're loved beyond all measure by the One Who created you.

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