Monday, April 22, 2013

MDS Monday - My Photographer

Hello, y'all! :D It's STILL Monday here in the Pacific Northwest, so here you go! :D

These photos are all from today - we got home about two hours ago, and they're fresh off the camera. Again, it's SO fun to be able to put them on a page right away!

As you can tell, it was absolutely beautiful here today. We had to go to the laundromat this morning, so we came home, ate lunch, and left to go up the coast. I climbed rocks, hills, and fought the wind - and I'm wiped out! :)

Just an FYI for those of you who haven't heard: I'll be home at the end of June now. We're cutting our trip short. But I can't wait to get home and stamp; since we're not staying here long, I'm not unpacking everything and it is a PAIN. I've made a card to show you soon, but I doubt I'll be very steadfast at blogging for a few weeks. I'm sorry. It's just gotta be like that. :D

OK, I'm outta here. Have a wonderful day - and be SURE to make the time to stamp something!

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