Friday, April 11, 2008


Hi, everyone! Boy, have I been working hard to be able to offer this to you! :)
Now available on CD-ROM, in individual, step-by-step tutorial form WITH LOTS OF PICTURES!
Gift Card Holder Class
Option ONE: CD only. $15. This shows you step by step how to make each one of the four gift card holders you see here. Please include $4.95 for Priority Mail (Total: $19.95)

Option TWO: CD with Supplies. $25. Not only will you receive the CD, but also the supplies needed to create one of each holder. PLEASE NOTE: the supplies you receive may or may not be the same as in the photo, but each one will be in a "kit", so you'll know which pieces go with which project. Please include $4.95 for Priority Mail (Total: $29.95)

I'm SUPER excited about being able to offer this to you; if there's another class you'd like to see offered, please let me know; I'm going to try to do more of my advanced classes this way, so you can have the directions and do your learning at your leisure - but it all depends on the response I get. :)