Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Onesie Card Tutorial

As promised, here it is! :D EDITED: I was told by a friend tonight - THANK YOU, Lisa! - that this had been done as a tutorial by someone else. HERE is the link to the original tutorial by Lauren.

What you will need:

Card stock, your choice of color (I use Apricot Appeal), 4 1/4" x 11"; Extra card stock (I use Sage Shadow) in a contrasting color; 1-3/8" Circle Punch; Scallop Circle Punch; assorted stamps and inks, Paper Snips, Crop-A-Dile, three eyelets

Fold your card stock in half, folding at 5-1/2". Use a bone folder for a crisp fold! :)

Next, stamp your card stock with whatever stamp(s) you've chosen. For this example, I'm using Boho Backgrounds. (It's a great set, because it can be used for a boy OR a girl!) I'm also using Apricot Appeal ink, to coordinate with my card stock.

After you've stamped the whole card front, grab your 1-3/8" circle punch.

If you want, you can measure the exact center of the top of your card. I guesstimate. :D Punch out a HALF-CIRCLE, centering the fold in the middle.

Now, turn your card. You're going to do the same thing approximately 1 inch down from the top on both sides - you're making the arm holes. :)

Now, go to the bottom corners and punch out about a 3/4 circle - see the picture here? You just want to take the leg holes out.

When you're done with the circle punch, your card should look like this:

(PLEASE, feel free to practice your punching on scraps or even copy paper! :) It's not difficult, unless you really care about being even. I find that the next few steps really make mistakes disappear, but it's completely up to you!)

Now, using the same punch, punch a hole into your coordinating card stock. :D Be sure to leave enough space around it for the next step!

Pick up your scallop circle punch. Center that hole in the scallop circle, and punch out your shape.

It should look something like this!

Now, using your adhesive - a 2 way glue pen works GREAT for this! - attach part of it around the neck hole you punched.

See? It's easy! Just some steps to follow - and we're almost there now! :D

Using your paper snips, cut off the part of the scallop that's not attached to the card. Now, repeat on all the openings you punched. Please note! You MAY need to use your paper snips to trim a bit of the leg punch area. Don't be afraid to do so! :) Paper snips are your FRIENDS. :D

Your card should look something like this now. :)

Now, grab those paper snips again; your baby needs a waist! :D

Just angle up to about 1/4 inch below the arm holes, and cut straight in from the side about 1/2 inch. Like this, see?

Now, your card should be looking like this!

Cute, huh? :)

All that's left is to stamp any greeting you want on the inside, and set three eyelets into the bottom of the onesie.

And THIS is what your final card will look like!!!

Isn't that fun? And an EASY card!!!! If you have any questions, want to see a SCAN rather than a pic - it was a late night, can you tell? :D - please email me at I want to hear from you!

If you need any of these supplies, email me. I can't wait to hear from you!