Saturday, April 21, 2007

PHEW, what a day!

Today was GARAGE SALE DAY. Phew!!! Thank GOD He gave us good weather; it was JUST starting to get hot when we closed down. Considering nothing we sold was over $20, we got rid of a LOT of stuff, and paid Mom back for the remodel on our room - plus made a little bit for mad money for our trip to Oregon! :)

I've been running around the house trying to get ready for my classes this week, and planning the projects for a workshop the DAY AFTER I get home! My real goal is to have as much as I can ready before I go - ideally, all I'll have to do is put stickers on new catalogs, print off the retired list and put it into the manilla folders I use for my workshops, and pack everything up. :) IDEALLY, that is....

SO. Pardon me for posting no photos or scans today; it's been busy, and I'm on the run. :) Actually, don't be surprised if this turns into more of a "We did this today" blog for a while, with vacation coming up. I am SO earning a rest.... :D