Sunday, April 29, 2007

Portland, here we come!

Pacific Northwest, we're on our way!
OK, so we're not on the plane YET. :) But time is ticking away! I have to finish getting things ready for when we come BACK - I have two workshops the week I return, and want to not stress about that. :) Since there's a huge possibility all my stampin' stuff is going to get packed up while I'm gone and they redo my space, I'm going to get everything together today. At least, that's the plan.... :)
I'm pretty much packed - but I have the feeling I'm forgetting something, and I HATE that feeling! The dress for the wedding is still hanging in my closet; I want to make sure it has as few wrinkles as possible when I take it back OUT of the suitcase. :)
I will purchase the shoes for the wedding there; no sales tax in Oregon, and maybe I'll find something I'll just fall in love with. :D Besides my Crocs, I'm only taking some cute sandals - not to walk much in, but to wear with my "just for cute" outfits. :D
I WILL be online, and I'll have my cell phone, so if any of you near and dear to me need me, never fear - just let me know! :)
Until next time...! And please check out the links that are listed on the right side of your monitor - especially the photo one! :D