Monday, May 14, 2007

It was a beautiful wedding....

Isn't she beautiful? This is my stepdaughter, Kaisa. I'll post another picture of her and my new son-in-law, Jeff. The butterfly pin on her veil was her "something borrowed". We took SO MANY PHOTOS that it's proving difficult to choose the very best to highlight! I took this shot; I promise I'm not that biased, but she was more giving and thoughtful of everyone else around her than any other bride I've worked with!
We're at the beach now, "decompressing". It is SO peaceful and beautiful - I'm going to find it hard to go home. I am definitely going to enjoy every moment here!
Tomorrow, I'll probably post a photo of the beach - maybe a lighthouse, or something else glorious! :)
Let me know what you think of my portrait of Kaisa!