Friday, May 11, 2007

Just a few more days in Portland!

Good morning! :) I hope that, wherever you are, it's as beautiful a day as it is here. :) It was 60 degrees when we left our hotel at 9:15 this morning, and it's not supposed to get too hot today.

Yesterday was Mt. St. Helen's roadtrip day. Isn't it BEAUTIFUL???? In the midst of all the destruction it caused almost exactly 27 years ago, there are new trees growing, new rivulets of glacial runoff starting to find ways thru the debris. It's breathtaking - and, if you click on the photo and look closely at the top crater rim on the right side, you'll see that the mountain is still venting. When the wind blows just right, you can smell the ash.

I dreamt about stamping last night. :) It's the first time I can think of since we got here - must mean I'm ready to get back to work. LOL!!

Today is laundry day. Ken's going to go to a movie with his best friend, and then make clam dip with Kaisa for the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night. :) He's kind of still going, "She wants to make CLAM DIP with me as our last dad.daughter time together????" but I think it's sweet. :D Men will never understand women, and vice versa. LOL!!!!

Have a wonderful day today! Enjoy the little task you have to do, and enjoy the time you spend with your loved ones.