Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Another Challenge Card!

This one is from Becky P. I LOVE this stamp set, and am SO glad it hasn't retired yet - but that also surprises me. :D It's been around a LONG time. So, I'll enjoy it while it's with us. :)
ANYWAY. This one, I think I sent at least two colors of the card stock. Becky took it from there! :) I love the simplicity of the image, all the texture on it, and the embellishments that don't overpower but truly enhance the card.
Thank you, Becky! :)
So, what are YOU stamping?? I was supposed to be having an advanced techniques class tonight, but I must have picked an awful night - no one's coming! So I get a night off. :D That's a happy thing for me! I'm still stampin', tho, getting ready for all the classes I've got coming up. Trust me, that's a LOT. :D I can't WAIT to start everyone stamping for Christmas - cards, gifts, decorations!!! I've been listening to almost-exclusively Christmas music for about two weeks now. :D My husband's enjoying it, too. LOL!
That's it for today! I'd love to hear from you about ANYTHING. :D Have a wonderful day - and TAKE TIME TO STAMP SOMETHING!!!!