Monday, August 13, 2007

Challenge from Dawn!

This was on Dawn's blog today - you can find the link to her blog to the right, at the top! - and I thought it was kind of fun. So, I'm going to put a picture of another variety of the card I posted earlier today, and do this challenge of hers. :D

For each question your answer has to start with the same letter that your first name starts with. For boy/girl names the name can't be the same as your own. I challenge you to try this out with YOUR name.

Your Name: Lori
Famous Artist/Band/Musician: Lionel Richie
4 letter word: LOVE!
Vehicle: Longboat ;)
TV SHOW: LOST (Never watched the thing, but...)
City/Town: Louisville - great city!
Boy Name: Leo
Girl Name: Lessa
Occupation: lentil cook
Something you wear: Leotard (NOT me, however...!)
Celebrity: Lee Iacocca - does he still count?
Food: lemon meringue pie!!!
Something found in a kitchen: lettuce
Reason for Being Late: late night
Cartoon Character: Lou Whooooooo!!
Something You Shout: LOSER!

Kinda fun. Of course, I can't think of anything FUNNY.... :D

So, YOU try it! If you've got a blog and do this, be sure to let me know!!! :)

Oh, yeah. Be sure to take some time to STAMP something!! No posts tomorrow, unless I get ambitious - CLASS TIME!!!