Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hi, everyone! I wanted to share this email with you. If you're willing to help, please email me at poohisstampin@aol.com for the address to send your pages to. THANK YOU for being willing to bless this sick mother!
One of the young members has been struggling with cancer forOver a year. My cyber friend (Tammey) has heard her remark how she is struggling to get albums done for her very young children so she can leave them something of herself, something to remember her and their childhood by. I am sure we can't imagine her anguish and sense of accomplishment as she finishes a layout. We have to thank God every moment for all of our blessings.We are going to make up a bunch of layouts for this gal to help her get her albums done as she hasn't been scrapping very long, and has only recently started swapping in the local group. Now for my HUGE favor……….

I would like to know if you would be willing to scrap a page or two or more and send to my friend to give to this family. It is just a RAK; nothing in it for yourself except for the gratitude of a family of three small children that is going to lose their mother way before they should.

As mentioned she has three small children, so anything to do with kids, holidays, zoos, fairs, etc would be greatly appreciated. Anything you might find yourself scrapbooking about your own children or grandchildren. She has one boy about 9, and two girls ages 4 & 6. Her son is in softball, they all love the zoo and swimming. I'm not sure about much else. I know she is struggling to get her Halloween and Christmas layouts done too.

We are making her 12x12 layouts. There are only a small handful of us making layouts and we need to get them to her Sept 16th to give her any time to use them up before she goes in for the big surgery. Neither she nor her doctors are very optimistic for the outcome. We need to start these right away. Because we are not sure how much time we have to work with

Next Thurs Tammey will be going to meet with her and her kids in the park and get some fun new photos for them :) Anything would be welcome. Thank you! Her children thank you too. PLEASE, put this family on your prayer list too.