Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Decor Element Is UP!

I absolutely LOVE it!!! This is going to be such a GREAT line - and I read an update today that says they'll be adding to the line in the future! It's AWESOME! I got the smaller of the two sizes of CREATE; here it is, "in situ", so to speak:

Super easy to install: you rub the back of the sheet onto the front transfer paper, make sure you've got it level, and rub it onto your wall. That's IT!!!! It fits SO well right there - such clean lines and design, and the perfect saying for my crafting room. :) Here it is again, up close!

Tell me what you think! :D I can't wait to start showing these to my workshops - they're available for customer order JULY 1, and I have the brochures NOW! Let me know you want one! :D