Tuesday, June 3, 2008


That's right, everyone! It's my birthday month - AGAIN! (Didn't we just DO this?!?!? AUGH!!!!!!!!!)

Anyway. ;) It's your chance to win free stuff from me, and I'm going to give you TWO WEEKS to get the design JUST right and send it to me. :) This is last year's winner; I put up a gallery, and let people vote for their favorite.
I think that, this year, I'll ALSO give a prize to MY favorite. And to be brutally honest, that's gonna be difficult for YOU. :D I want to be WOWed, and the more STAMPIN' UP! products you use to do it, the better! :D
We only had SEVEN entries last year, so your chances are pretty darn good!
Email me at poohisstampin@aol.com for my snail mail address. This year, it has to be in my hot little hands to be in the contest. :) I will accept cards until JUNE 18, then will put them up on a gallery to allow voting. I will announce BOTH winners on THURSDAY, JUNE 26!!!!!!!!!!!!
They MUST be birthday cards, everyone! :D
LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!