Friday, March 6, 2009


I had to come back and post this - it's an INCREDIBLE announcement. If you've been wanting to join my team and become a demonstrator, YOU NEED TO READ THIS!

Three Easy Payments Starter Kit Option Coming Soon
During economically challenging times, most of us tighten our budgets. Some expenditures that were once comfortable might now stretch a budget thin. We don't want anyone's efforts to budget wisely to become a barrier to joining Stampin' Up, especially considering the wonderful benefits--personal and economical--being a demonstrator can bring. This is why we're working on a Three Easy Payments option for the Starter Kit. For a limited time, with a partial initial payment, a new recruit can receive her Starter Kit and get her business running. Two subsequent monthly payments take care of the rest.

It's coming BEFORE THE END OF SALE-A-BRATIONS, everyone - that means you can pay in three installments AND STILL GET THE GREAT PROMOTIONS THAT COME WITH SIGNING UP DURING SAB!

As SOON as I know, I'll tell you when it's available. If you're interested in being part of my team, please EMAIL ME NOW!