Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Top Note Die Box Tutorial Available!

Please note: I'm going to try to keep this one at the top for a while. :) Just scroll down below for the newest post!

It's DONE - and it's now available to you! :)

This is the tutorial for these awesome Top Note Die boxes - I'll be the first to tell you I didn't create the idea! The tutorial is mine, though, all 12 pages - there are LOTS of pictures!

You have four options - until someone can think of one more option to suggest to me. :D

The first is the tutorial ONLY. It comes in TWO PDF files - it was too big to send all at once. As soon as I get notified by Paypal (which happens only when I'm HERE, on the computer!), I'll send you both files. It's got all my contact information on it, so you can call or email if you have questions. The cost for the file ONLY is $5.

The second is a DVD with the tutorial on it. It will be mailed to you; the additional cost is for packaging and mailing. It's $7.50.

The third choice is a KIT. There are two options for the box topper, and I will include the materials for BOTH options. PLEASE NOTE: you probably won't receive any particular Designer Series Paper - it takes just a bit over one piece of DSP for each box, so that means finishing a package completely before repeating the choice! :) I will send you the PRE-CUT pieces and the tutorial; the tutorial will come via email, the same as the first option - the same day I mail out your kit. The cost for this kit with the tutorial is $20.

The fourth choice is the KIT WITH DVD. The cost for this is $22.50; the DVD will be packaged in an envelope.

Thank you so much for all your interest in this idea! :) As I said in a few of my previous posts, I'll be doing this with a few classes throughout the year. It's just not fair to the people who pay to come to the classes for me to give the instructions away - so this is an inexpensive way for you to get the directions, WITH photos! :D

Have a WONDERFUL day! And don't forget to go STAMP SOMETHING!