Monday, October 5, 2009

Twenty-five dollar winner announcement!

Good morning, everyone! Well, I have to say, EVERYONE had a great chance of winning - we didn't have a LOT of participation. BUT I loved reading each and every comment - thank you so much. :) Many of you figured out how to go back to my very first post on February 17, 2007, and find the date on my journaling on that first layout was January 30, 2007. WOW, almost three years with y'all. Has anyone been with me since the beginning? Please let me know if you have!

Now, then, on to what you all want to know. Who WON???? :D

Congratulations, Georgia! Please contact me when you're ready to place your order! :) You can call or email me, whichever. :) Thank you ALL for playing! (The announcement "banner" was created with MY DIGITAL STUDIO!)

Keep reading for more ideas, everyone. I'm so grateful for ALL of you - thank you for your encouragement to keep on keeping on! :D

Now, go stamp something, will ya? :D