Wednesday, September 21, 2011

SQDC Card!

Good morning! (Yes, it's still morning my time! :D)

I've been hard at work today, and have a story to tell you about this card - which I designed with the Stampin' Queens Design Challenge sketch. (If you do the challenge, I'd LOVE to see your card!!!) So, let me show you the card, then tell you the story. :) (Don't forget! You can click on the image to see the original photo size!)

So. Most of you know a few things: that Kenn and I celebrated our 15th anniversary on the 7th, that Kenn used to work at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, and that we *are* Heavenly Perspective Photography. :)

Well, because of a few things that have happened recently, and because of some work Kenn did for the Hotel before the flood, we were gifted with our anniversary dinner at one of our favorite landlocked restaurants, The Cascades. (The website will say "American Cafe" after the name, but they're really focusing on being a seafood restaurant - and you KNOW we are picky about our seafood!!!)

We had an AMAZING experience. The wait staff was wonderful - some of them remembering us from when we did lots of work there - and the food was great. We were treated like royalty, and it really made our anniversary something special. When you go, try the lavender lemonade. Simply lovely!

So. Here it is, two weeks later, and I haven't been able to come up with a unique-enough thank-you note for the person responsible for gifting it to us. Until the sketch came across my email today! I decided to use one of our appetizers - fried green tomatoes on shrimp romelade sauce with greens and crabmeat on top - as the central image. We took pictures of every dish; I thought this one had some great texture and variety of color in it, so there we go! :D

The base of the card is River Rock, run through the Big Shot with the Stripes embossing folder; the Pumpkin Pie squares are embossed with the Antique Wallpaper embossing folder. It's pretty straight forward; I took off one tiny layer from the sketch. This is more layering than I usually do, anyway! But I think the card turned out great! What do you think??? I haven't heard from anyone but Ginny in FOREVER - but I KNOW you're out there. We're almost at 25,000 blog hits!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

OK, I'm off. I'm stampin' my little heart out today - I sure hope YOU take the time to STAMP something, too!!!!


Anonymous said...

Great card, great story!!! Mary N.

Ginny said...

Does your post have a "like" button?