Monday, August 13, 2012

It must be genetic... :D

Today I want to share with you my treasures from the past week. Yes, my two youngest nieces love to PAPERCRAFT. Actually, all the kids do - but these treasures are from them. :D

The trove of treasures!

This one is from my dear, sweet niece, A. She handed it to me the FIRST day I got to visit with them! the front is beautifully decorated, too, but this is the part that's super special. :)

This is from niece M. It's a camera! See? She made this for me the last day we spent with them, after I and Uncle Kenn spent time outside taking pictures of them. And I know you can't see from this photo, but it says:
say ch
Too adorable for words, right?!?!?!

Again, from niece A. The flowers under the birds are their nests. Isn't that CLEVER? Thinking outside of the box!

This final one is also from niece A. It's my portrait! Be sure to enlarge the photo to see it. I had to "sit completely still" while she drew it. ;)
The reason I'm showing you more from A. than from M. is that M. tends to draw with pretty light pink crayons, and it just doesn't show up too well. :/ But they both blessed me with lots of artwork. Even my 3-year-old nephew, N., got into the act the last day; if you look at the first photo, there's a dark blue folded piece in the down left corner. He drew on it for me, then folded it up until it was throw-able and came in and hit me in the chest with it, and laughed uproariously. :D

OK, I'm outta here. Have a wonderful day! Be sure and take the time to stamp SOMETHING, will ya?!?! :D


Ginny said...

How precious! Those are the things you will hold on to forever.

Becky @ Domestic Briefcase said...