Monday, May 6, 2013

MDS Monday - Long May It Wave

Good Monday Afternoon!

Sorry it's not this morning; our internet connection is rather fitful sometimes.  

This traveling memorial really touched me; it was beautiful, and made a huge impact with no words. So I wanted to scrap it for you for MDS Monday. :) It has been simply incredible here this week, with weather y'all in TN could only dream of at this point. :D

So. Besides coming home early, I'll be home for about three weeks to go to my clinic and get some insulin, then fly back to Portland to do some final things with Kenn before we head for home. I'm looking forward to being able to get some stuff done for blogging - it's been really impossible to stamp much here, and that fish card I created is one I'm going to use for a hostess club while I'm home! You'll see it eventually. :D ANYWAY. The new IDEA BOOK comes out while I'm home; I won't have any new stuff to show off until the end of JUNE, so I'm going to do my OPEN HOUSE then. If you want to come get a book, LMK and we'll schedule it!


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