Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Please stand by...!!!!

It's been a rough couple of weeks on electronics around here! First BOTH laptops, now my MONITOR just gave way tonight when I was in the middle of something! AUGH! :D I DO have one now, but it's an OLD, OLD one - it's bigger than the little old TV I have down here in my studio!!!! And the fun thing is, it makes everything GREEN.

SO. Until I can get a new monitor, I'm going to have to do any picture work on Kenn's new computer when I get a chance. It MAY mean I can't post every day.

IF, however, you happen to be getting a new computer, and are close by me, and you'd like to bless someone.... :D I happen to know someone who would praise GOD for you and the blessing.... :D

I'll keep you updated, and do my best to get you a couple of samples this week still. I'll be loving on those stamp sets that are going away forever; I went through and marked my Idea Book tonight with all the sets AND the accessories. But there's still almost a whole MONTH before those sets say goodbye, and I'm going to keep on using them until the final day! :)

Have a wonderful day!!!! Please, take the time to STAMP SOMETHING!!!!! :)