Tuesday, September 8, 2009

AUGH! How'd it get to be Tuesday already???

Oh, well. :) I know you're aware I went to Indiana for a funeral last week; it was a good visit for an awful reason. I really enjoyed my time with friends; there's NO place like the Midwest in the fall. And I'm AMAZED at how early fall is coming!! Could this be the year middle Tennessee has a real winter???;)

ANYWAY. This is another jam-packed week, but I took the time to do something fun to show you. :)

Remember the jar I did in the summer? This one?

Well, I decided to do something up for fall.

But what will show up fall colors?

Think, think, think....

I KNOW!! NUTS! I mean, it's the fall - harvest, right? And they're brown. AND Publix had a BOGO sale on them.... :D So, here's the new look for this jar!

Smoked almonds and natural almonds! :) I just took good ol' classic ink and smeared it into the Whisper White vinyl (available in rolls, GREAT value!!); then, I cut the leaves and pumpkin with our dies. Peeled them off the backing, and stuck them to the glass.

HOW EASY is this?!?!?! It would make a great gift for any reason, and is so easily changeable. Seriously. Get yourself a jar and start playing! There are SO many different Definitely Decorative Decor Elements already cut for you, how can you choose just one? That's the fastest way - order yours today, by going to my website and clicking on SHOP NOW! Or order your own BIG SHOT (cuz you KNOW you'll love yours as much as I love mine!) and your choice of dies. Try this with the BUILD-A-BEAR dies. TOO fun!!!!

Have a wonderful evening! :) Be sure to take the time to STAMP something!!!!