Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Today's quick tutorial is how to make a sparkly shamrock without a single stamp. :D I hope you have fun, and perhaps do a few of these! I may have to wear one to church tonight, if I can't find something green to wear. But I AM Irish - that should take care of it all, dang it! :D

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For this project, you will need:
  • Green card stock of your choice - I'm using GLORIOUS GREEN.
  • Heart punch - I'm using the Full Heart, but you can use the Heart To Heart, also.
  • Oval punch - because I'm using the Full Heart Punch, I'm using the Wide Oval Punch.
  • Paper snips, just in case.
  • Adhesive
  • Shimmer spray, made with alcohol and Frost White Shimmer Paint (Want to know more about how to use this? Get four people total, and have a private class for only $15 per person!)
Please note: I'm showing you how to do this by putting it together and then spraying the whole thing, but it will go better for you if you spray the pieces and let them dry, THEN put it together! (Voice of experience! :D )

Step 1:

Start by punching three hearts out.

I turn my punch upside-down, so I can see how close to the edge I am. :D

Step 2:

Using your oval punch, punch half of an oval from the side of your card stock. OK, so maybe it's not QUITE a half - see the photo for approximation! :D

Step 3:

Now, punch a stem shape by lining up more card stock from the area you just punched from. Take a look at the photo, and see what I'm talking about. :D It's really hard to describe in words!

Step 4:

Now, put the larger end of the stem piece back into the punch, and punch a little bit off. We're trying to make it look a little more natural! :D

So, these are the pieces you should have for your shamrock - see, it's not difficult, is it! :D

Step 5:

Now, adhere them together!

First, put the central heart at the top of the stem.

Then build up from there, until you have your shamrock completely together!

Awww, look! It's a shamrock! (Actually, it's a clover, but I can say whatever I wanna! :D)

Here we go! Are you ready for the final step?

Step 7:

Shake your shimmer spray well, and spray until you're in love with how much shimmer is on your shamrock!

Let dry.

OOOH and AAAH over your beautiful shamrock!

WHEW! They're easy to do, but not so easy to tell HOW to do! :D I hope the pictures helped! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them! :) And if you need any of the supplies, you can email me, call me, or just place your order at my business site - just click the SHOP NOW button at the top! :)

For those of you who are praying for Ev: he was supposed to be let out of the hospital today, and they were hoping to at least start the trip back home today. Please keep praying for him - he's feeling better, but has a long road ahead of him. THANK YOU!!!

OK, I'm off - I'm gonna make SOMETHING green for tonight's snacks. :D I hope you have a WONDERFUL day - and especially make time to STAMP something! :D

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Em said...

sooo clever! LOVE IT!