Monday, March 8, 2010

Welcome to Monday!

Wow. What a weekend! LOL! Life never stops, does it?! Faster and faster....

Saturday was the first GREAT GIFTS class, and it was APPLIQUE WITH THE BIG SHOT. We had a BLAST!

Here's one of the items we made!

We also made an apron that kind of matches. I can't tell you how fun this is - and now we're planning to make tote bags with my nieces and older nephew when they come back through.

To make that go easier - I mean, there will be SIX of them, plus Mommy! - I'm going to go ahead and do their names. My sister and brother-in-law are so smart! When they started having children, they chose a color for each one - so my oldest niece is red, the next one blue, the next one yellow, and so forth. That way, they can get items in each individual color, and know at a glance whose they are! So, each name will be in their colors! I'm going to pre-cut some of the appliques to help the little girls out a bit. I've got to come up with a boy's design, which is NOT going to be easy for me, but I'll do it! :D

OK, I'm off. I'm designing today! :D The studio's an absolute DISASTER, so it needs to get cleaned up a bit, AND I need to do Bible study homework. EEK! Where's my day speeding to?!?!? :D

Have a WONDERFUL day! Be SURE to take the time to STAMP something - and enjoy this beautiful spring day!!!


Ginny said...

How cute!!

lisa808 said...

Cute personalized tote.