Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm BACK! Did you miss me?? :D

No comments the WHOLE time I was gone?!? You didn't miss me? I'm sad! ;)

It was QUITE the trip. I'm wiped out - especially since I came home yesterday and dove right into doing our FOOD FRENZY class! This is what I face cleaning up today:

We had a GREAT time! We had Papa John's pizza - a veggie and a meat pizza! :D - and brownies, still warm from the oven, with a Ghiardelli caramel square. Yummmmmmmm. Sounds like lunch.... :D

Anyway. I'm going to show you ALL the projects we did last night, because I've deprived you of my brilliance for so long.... (If you could hear me laughing, you'd HAVE to join in! :D )

Here we go!
It's a mini pizza box! Measuring 2"x2"x1", it's perfect to put a little treat in. But this one doesn't hold a treat. This class was not only about stamping things that could HOLD food, but that LOOKED like food. So, the inside is designed to be an invitation for...


Isn't this too cute for words? It also qualifies for punch art, because the whole thing is done with punches! :) When you lift on the pizza, the "invitation paper" accordian folds out to reveal all the pertinent details. :) It was fun!

The next project:

Using test tubes in stamping opens so much potential! :) This stamp set is from the SUMMER MINI, which starts MAY 1 - this Saturday!!! It's called SWEET SCOOPS. :) We put sprinkles and toffee topping in the tubes. Just the cutest little gift, or table favor at a birthday party! :D

OK. On to the next project!

We put contact paper on the INSIDE of this fancy favor bag, so that it could be wiped out if needed, and reused. The DSP is from the SUMMER MINI, as well! It's cheerful and fun, and I love polka dots. :D Let me see if I can find my Summer Mini, so I can tell you its name - I'm telling you, I didn't even go upstairs once from the time we came home until after the class! :D
Aha! Here it is! It's ISLAND OASIS. You're really going to love using all the products from the Summer Mini! :) I can't wait to continue showing you fun things!

Anyway. That's a Build-a-Brad in the center of the flower. They're fun to use - but I don't think too many of my customers have discovered them yet. You can stamp or punch out any image that's 1/2", and make your own brad with it! FUN!

Now, on to the last project - and I think everyone's favorite, even though it was a last- minute add! I wasn't going to do 4, but decided we just had to do this one. :D

This is the front.....

This is the back....

See?? It's a Ghiardelli square hanger! Made with the petal fold card die, we used the SENDING LOVE DSP that's going away with the Occasions Mini on Friday. If you haven't placed your order yet, and want something from it, PLEASE make sure to do so in time! Once things are gone, they're gone!

And here's a photo of the butterfly detail, while it's lying on the counter:

We just used a staple in the middle, where the body would be. The modern label punch with the saying from TEENY TINY WISHES just finishes it off, don't you think?!?!

OK. I hope to hear from you! :) Tell me which project is YOUR favorite!

Tomorrow, I'll show you all four of the 6x6 scrapbook layouts from last week! You won't want to miss it - I did some unusual color combos for me! :D

Have a WONDERFUL day - and be SURE to take the time to STAMP something!!!!


Moose Ridge said...

yes, I missed you, LOL, but never thought of leaving a message on the blog!!

my favorite is the one using the test tubes, but the little chocolate heart is a pretty close second

Dunlap TN

Ginny said...

My favorite has to be the chocolate holder. I love those chocolate squares! These would be great hung on the Christmas tree, don't you think?

Cheryl said...

These are wonderful projects Lori! Glad to have you back.

lisa808 said...

Welcome back! Great projects. My favorite is definitely the pizza party invite. So cute & clever.