Thursday, May 6, 2010

Giving YOU a chance to help out!

There are SO many ways out there for you to be able to help - texting the Red Cross, donating to food and fund drives - but I'm giving you ANOTHER way to help!

This box is very similar to the Top Note box from last year, but it IS a square box, very durable. I'm going to work on putting together the tutorial for it this weekend; HOPEFULLY, by Monday, I'll have it and the kit contents ready for you to be able to paypal for. All proceeds (unless you purchase a kit, then I have to pay for the contents of it, but after that small fee) will go to the Tennessee Flood Relief effort.

Even if you don't need another box tutorial, I'm hoping you'll donate the small fee to help! Pass this on to anyone you know; even if someone's not a paper-crafter, they probably know someone who IS!

OK, I'm outta here! :D I hope you're having a WONDERFUL day, and that you'll take the time to STAMP something! (And think about doing this to help someone! :D)


lisa808 said...

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

You are so good to do this and the box is beautiful!! Mary N.