Monday, May 17, 2010

I've been BURIED!

I'm sorry. I know you miss me when I disappear - thank you to all of you wonderful friends who sent emails, worrying about me. I've been totally buried, worried about myself, and wondering if I'd ever get to the top of the stack again.
EVERY surface in my studio looked like this. And I do mean every. Look: there's household stuff, stamping stuff, clothing for one of my flood victim friends, photography business stuff - the empty spot here on this end of the table? That's where I picked up my camera from.
I'm VERY sorry. Not only did the flood disrupt our lives for a while, it's continuing to mess up scheduling - I've had to move a class to make room for the rescheduled photography class night, yaddayadda. I just haven't been able to keep up.
I feel like I'm getting there now, though! Had a scrapbooking class Saturday, a party last night and tonight, and an Advanced Techniques class tomorrow night. So I've got lots of things lined up to show you - just have to do the photography, the clean-up, and still a bit of designing. ;)
SO! Come back and see me tomorrow, and I'll start showing you some great things YOU can easily make - or maybe you'll want a class of your own! :D
THANK YOU for being faithful! Next month's the Annual Birthday Card Contest, and I promise the prize will be great. :)
Have a wonderful day! Take the time to stamp SOMEthing - you KNOW I am! :D


lisa808 said...

Oh my, sounds quite stressful. Hope you can have some down time for yourself.

Becky in East Tennessee said...

Youre soooo wonderful!! You know I am looking forward to the Birthday Card Contest!!!

PS...your studio looks cozy to me!!