Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BIG things in the works!!!

PHEW!!!!!!!!!!!! This new Idea Book & Catalog has meant BIG cleaning, BIG planning, and BIG help around the studio!! Amy came over yesterday to help me, bless her!!!

See that stack of card stock? That's just PART of what I'll have at the discount sale going on at the same time as the OPEN HOUSE on Friday from 4 - 7!! If you're looking for something - ink, card stock, stamp set - that's been retired, bring your list!!!!

Tackling the Inspiration Station is a DAUNTING task, with the color renovation! It's on my TO DO for today!

The big challenge is remembering which colors are gone for the new year! :) I'm also designing some new things for the Station; the new colors are so exciting to work with!

I've got LOTS of retired cards for sale; I'm thinking of going ETSY with them. Any opinions out there about ETSY?

See those two middle boxes? Those are FULL of ink pads, Stampin' Write Markers, and Stampin' Spots - besides a few stamp sets! - to sell Friday!

Yup. Stacks of STUFF that will be available on Friday - we cleaned out, and I was RUTHLESS with my retired stamp sets! There are some that retired five years ago! Be SURE to check them out when you're here!

I'm not a hard taskmaster - Amy loves to clean and purge. :D We're opposites, can you tell?!?!? :D

TOMORROW THE LINK FOR THE NEW IDEA BOOK & CATALOG GOES LIVE!! Tune in for details, and if you're in the are, PLAN ON COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (And stamp something! :D)


Moose Ridge said...

whine... I love yard sales... and I need Amy to come "whip me into shape" (mostly because I do love yard sales, LOL!!)

but I am looking forward to the new stuff!!

Dunlap TN

Ginny said...

Wish I could be there . . .