Friday, June 4, 2010

Ohhhhhhhh, so you're not SCRAPPERS, huh?

I think I feel a challenge in JULY coming up. :D IF we can fit it in between all the other stuff going on in July! :D


SO, you're not commenting cuz "They're nice, but I don't scrap"? OK, well, we'll get through this series, and we'll get on with it. But I AM gonna show you the rest of these pages, because I really like this little book. :D

This is completely done - except for the month punch - with the TAILOR MADE Simply Scrappin' Kit. I LOVE the die cuts that come in that kit. Did you know they're repositionable for 24 hours, and then become permanently adhered? COOL, let me tell ya! :D

The color's just a TINY bit off, but oh, well. :D You really don't care, because they're scrapbook pages, right? :D

I'm off for another stupid-busy weekend. :D Have a WONDERFUL weekend, my friends, and be SURE to take the time to STAMP something!

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Moose Ridge said...

LOL... okay... that comment resembled me!

I will be less lazy and come comment on the art, whatever it may be, LOL!!!

happy weekend
Dunlap TN

extra hugs for Kenn