Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quick post for you! :)

Here it is, Wednesday, and it's before noon again! Aren't you impressed? :D

Kenn and I are heading out for a two-night photo excursion for him, a chance to get away for ME. :D So, this needs to be fast - he's waiting on me, as usual. :D

Now, this is NOT my favorite card, but many people seem to like it, so.... :D It's PIXIE PINK, which is going away at the end of the month! I'm SO glad that both the stamp sets - INSPIRED BY NATURE and SINCERE SALUTATIONS - aren't going anywhere! :D

OK. I'm going to go get ready to get outta here! Have a WONDERFUL day, and don't forget to STAMP SOMETHING - and you still have FOUR DAYS to get a card to me!!! :D


Ginny said...

Enjoy your time away, Lori! And I like the card.

lisa808 said...

Love the card!