Monday, June 14, 2010

Happy HOT Monday!!!

PHEW, is it EVER hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All I wanna do is stay in the air conditioning!!!! :D

Don't forget: it's not too late to enter the FOURTH ANNUAL BIRTHDAY CARD CONTEST! Y'all have your work cut out for you, choosing a winner!

OK. For you today, I have one of the cards from the BIRTHDAY CARD QUICK CARD CLASS!

(DANG, I've been working on this for two hours!)

Sweet Scoops is such a FUN set!!! That's Rich Razzleberry - we off-stamped twice on the ice cream, so the sprinkles would show up really well!

Are you getting excited about seeing the new Idea Book & Catalog??? You SHOULD be - it's awesome! :D

You've still got a few days to get your card in for the contest! Don't delay - send it now! :D For goodness' sakes, go STAMP something - it's now FOUR hours later! :D

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