Monday, August 16, 2010

It was a beautiful trip!

We had a GREAT time when we got to play, and we worked HARD when we were working. :D I HIGHLY recommend the Huntsville Botanical Garden - it was BEAUTIFUL! Such an interesting, beautiful place! HOT, though. I still prefer my Pacific Northwest beaches. :D

This picture, of course, isn't from there. :D This is Fort Walton Beach, at the top of the stairs down to the beach from our hotel. I got to spend about 5 minutes there, taking pictures and videoing the water with my FLIP before a rainstorm chased me off and we had to leave for home.

I got some new toys today, and I'll be playing with them for future classes. :D Stay tuned - tomorrow will be another great post. :) Enjoy the photo today - and be sure to take the time to STAMP something! :)

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Anonymous said...

That's an inspriation for a card ALOHA....