Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My New Creation!

Happy Fourth of July! :)

Today, I'm posting something that's only connected with Stampin' Up! in that I used Basic Black card stock in the project - but I absolutely LOVE this, and have to share it with you! :D

I saw a project on Pinterest that I really would love to do for a birthday party some day, but it will cost me a little bit for frames.

However, it really sparked me. :D

The base on this is one of those Febreeze bases with a flickering light in it; you put the scented shade around it, and it looks like a decorative votive candle thing.

Well, the sleeves are a little strong for my family, so I had this base lying around. Since I've cleaned out my studio, things don't lie around as much as they have in the past, and I told myself to either find a use or get rid of it.

Get rid of it?!?! That goes against every packrat instinct I have! :D Repurpose it is!

So, I printed out four of my vertical beach pictures from February's trip onto vellum card stock. I cut the Basic Black card stock to the correct length and width, then cut windows into it. I attached the vellum inside the windows with glue dots; I should have left a little more vellum around the edges for easier adhering, but that's a lesson learned for next time. :)

I love this. It's a quiet reminder of a wonderful trip, and my favorite place on Earth. Oh, and I got Volume 1 of my scrap book from the trip. You really need to stop by and see them both. :D

Have a WONDERFUL day, and be sure to make the time to stamp SOMEthing! :D

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Ginny said...

This is really neat. Have you tried putting one of those battery operated votives inside? Just wondering what it would look like.