Thursday, January 14, 2010

Versatile Vinyl!

Good Thursday morning! It's another beautiful day here, headed on its way into the high 40s! What a great day to stamp! :D And I'm gonna - I have LOTS to do today, so let's get right to the samples, shall we?

(Please note: although I neglected to put the copyright ON the photos, the letter design is copyrighted by Stampin' Up!®)

Here's the very first use I did with both the vinyl and my new Sizzlits alpha set, Timeless Type - USING MY BIG SHOT, OF COURSE. :) (Can I hear it, all together? "I LOVE MY BIG SHOT!!!" :D)As soon as UPS dropped the alpha set off, I pulled everything out! :D

Not only are all the letters included, but lots of other things, like an @ sign, so you can put your email address somewhere.... The heart is part of the alpha set, too! And that's the Real Red vinyl from Stampin' Up!, along with the Whisper White. Isn't it fun? This is one of Kenn's travel mugs that I just pulled out of the cupboard. :D I probably won't put it through the dishwasher, but I can certainly hand-wash it!

Now, to show you the real reason I'm SO excited about having both the vinyl AND the alpha diecut set!

(Please ignore the dirt and the frost! :D)

This is our main business, my husband's passion - our photography business. It's still trying to take off - we've been working at it for almost four years, and we just got a website done for it. I still need to get in and tweak several things, but it's THERE. We have a PRESENCE. And NOW, even though it's smaller than I wish, we are ANNOUNCING that we're out there everywhere Kenn goes in the car! :D

OK, I've GOT to get busy - my to-do list is INCREDIBLY long for today!!!! Have a WONDERFUL day, my friends, and be SURE to take the time to STAMP something! :)

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